Why to Study Polymers?


Polymers, Plastics, Resins are materials which have changed a world in 19th century by developing Nylon and Kevlar materials. Today plastics or polymers are integral part of everyday life. Polymers have applications in everywhere. Polymers or plastics can be soft gel, coatings to hard plastics, rigid material. Plastics have displaced traditional materials like wood, metal, ceramic, leather, glass, paper, stone, horn, and bone etc. Studies have indicated that 80% materials which we use daily are made from plastics. Plastics are from morning till night starting from bed, toothbrush, mugs, buckets, chairs, plates, cellphones, computers, cars, to cloths. This ever interesting growing field of Chemistry is increasing its tentacles around the globe. 21st century has been projected as "Age of Polymer".
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Nobel prizes related to polymer science

2005 (Chemistry) Robert Grubbs, Richard Schrock, Yves Chauvin for olefin metathesis.

2002 (Chemistry) John Bennett Fenn, Koichi Tanaka, and Kurt W├╝thrich for the development of methods for identification and structure analyses of biological macromolecules.

2000 (Chemistry) Alan G. MacDiarmid, Alan J. Heeger, and Hideki Shirakawa for work on conductive polymers, contributing to the advent of molecular electronics.

1991 (Physics) Pierre-Gilles de Gennes for developing a generalized theory of phase transitions with particular applications to describing ordering and phase transitions in polymers.

1974 (Chemistry) Paul J. Flory for contributions to theoretical polymer chemistry.

1963 (Chemistry) Giulio Natta and Karl Ziegler for contributions in polymer synthesis. (Ziegler-Natta catalysis).

1953 (Chemistry) Hermann Staudinger for contributions to the understanding of macromolecular chemistry.
(Father of Modern Polymer Science)

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