Or, How LISP is a Fantastic Programming Language 

REDLisp 0.51

Welcome to the home of REDLisp, a new LISP dialect, which currently compiles on Windows and Linux and has only the basics of LISP inside (for now). 


I'm going to use CrissCross, my friend's multiplatform C++ framework to add threads, sockets and a debug log. I'm also going to use the thread-safe WriteLine stuff. I was also thinking of running the GTK stuff as a separate thread so that you can still have access to the interpreter and do things like change the labels of buttons or whatever while it was running. I think that would help a lot during testing (if it's possible of course). 


REDLisp has been designed by Jared "Decker" Kerim and implemented by Rudolf "OMouse" Olah. Work on the interpreter started in April 2006. 

REDLisp is more of a pet project than anything. I like Common Lisp though I use Python and C++ more. I'm still a beginner with the Lisp language and I think working on an interpreter is actually a great idea for learning the language as I'm looking through the Common Lisp HyperSpec more often and actually considering the inner workings of the language.

A few links to the images showing off the GUI module I've worked on slightly: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3  

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