FAQ for contributors: Omnibuses

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Feel that you can contribute to Omnibuses?

Fancy writing a guest post or two?

We're offering the chance to contribute to what is probably the web's most diverse bus blog. This helps in the running of the blog.

After reading this FAQ and you think you can help, email us.

What sort of stuff are you after?
Posts of around 300 words in a readable style on the contemporary UK bus scene (or a relevant historic topic). We're after a good standard of written English.

Is there any payment?
Erm, no. Sorry.

What if I have an idea?
If you send us some pointers, we can write something.

Do you guarantee to publish my work?
No, but the whole object of this appeal is to encourage anyone who might wish to contribute. The decision to upload will necessarily remain with the blog owner.

Will you edit the piece?
We certainly reserve that right but, again, the point is that contributions will help us.

How many other occasional contributors do you currently have?
As at December 2009, half a dozen, plus an advisor or two.

What's the required frequency of posting?
That's up to you. We're not looking to make it onerous. A couple of posts per contributor would be great. More if you can.

What about anonymity?
If you wish to remain anonymous, this will be absolutely guaranteed. We do need to know who you are but that doesn't mean we publish your details. If you are aiming for anonymity, you'll need a nom de plume/alias.

Can I ask for my contributions to be withdrawn?
Once they're up on the www, they're up.

There should certainly be no infringements. As to who owns the copyright of your post, that's up to you. You or us. If you, we'll say so on the post.

Does it matter where I live?
We are trying to broaden coverage away from the south of England but it really doesn't matter whether you are from Bournemouth, Bangor or Ballimore.

Would you encourage posts with an international dimension or flavour?

What about images?
If you have any that can accompany or illustrate a post, that'd be great.

Any other guidance?
Please, nothing potentially commercial, misleading, libelous, defamatory in nature, unlawful, hateful, obscene, racially or ethnically questionable, likely to cause offence, etc. etc.