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This SIG offers a unique opportunity for those who are interested in this field.
The level of expertise is just starting to grow in the marketplace and there are many opportunities to discover techniques, design new architectures and create new methodologies for dealing with this data.
In addition to being able to work on large databases, new strategies are needed for loading large number of blobs in parallel across a variety of disk types and also to process them.
There are a wide variety of unstructured and multimedia types, with new ones being created. The rules, the standards and open source code in the market place is changing all the time. Its obviously a chaotic market with the strong need to coral, identify and place firm rules around it.
DBAs require new strategies for handling the data. Developers need to learn new techniques. Designers need to understand scalability and the network to ensure efficient delivery and those responsible for storage need to deal with new monitoring tools to ensure efficient load balancing.
Research papers are needed, books to be written and the community as a whole educated.
Its a fascinating and exciting field to be involved in, that never gets boring and pushes one to be creative which can lead to new discoveries and insights.