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With the large uptake of iPhones, iPads, Androids and other multimedia centric devices, has resulted in businesses and government trying to understand how to deal with, manage and commercialize the huge volumes of data now starting to be collected. From museums, to galleries, to educational institutions, as well as marketing firms, security organisations, healthcare, food, shop owners, small business, manufacturers to government.

All have a requirement to provide services to their customers that now require a heavy multimedia focus. All this data needs to be managed and its best handled, secured and controlled inside the Oracle database. With a feature rich environment inside the database, Oracle is well positioned to handle the terabytes of data organizations are now starting to discover they have spread across laptops, devices and computers. They are beginning to realize that they have huge amounts of corporate knowledge locked into unstructured data types and do not have the expertise to understand or manage it.

The initial goal of the SIG is to just to see what knowledge and expertise there is out there. To then collate all this information and try and put structure around any papers and knowledge that is there. Moving forward from the SIG will be to work with the different user groups to promote the SIG and attempt to get people to write papers and do research into these four areas: Management; Hardware (VM and Storage); Database and Development. . The SIG is international and is open to anyone including Oracle people. The SIG is going to focus on the Oracle and MySQL databases

Win a copy of Managing Multimedia in Oracle Competition

For your chance to win a copy of the book: Managing Multimedia and Unstructured Data in the Oracle Database,
(available at :  http://www.packtpub.com/managing-multimedia-and-unstructured-data-in-oracle-database/book )
choose the section that applies to you and answer the question.

The best, most creative and accurate answer will win a copy of the book.
1. Open Category (open to anyone):

 Name three key advantages for storing multimedia in a database.

 2. Museum/Gallery/Print Media (open to anyone in these industries):
 What is the biggest issue you face when digitizing and managing any multimedia in your organisation?
 3. Oracle (open to any person working for Oracle):
 Name five Oracle products that are tightly integrated with Securefiles and Oracle Multimedia.
 4. Oracle ACE Program (open to any Oracle ACE or ACE Director):
 Which Oracle development tool or product is best designed for working with unstructured data (including multimedia)?
email responses to : marcelle@xor.com.au
competition closes Fri May 31st 2013.

For more information on multimedia visit : http://eternal-donut.blogspot.com/

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