About Us

"Open Minded Medicine"

Omm has long been beleived by many to be the "original sound", the intonation from which all exsistence resonates. The beleif remains that if one could open their mind enough the may attune themselves to the pitch of the universe, acheiving harmony, heath, and happiness. We at Omm Alternative apply this "open minded" approach toward your well being.

About Omm Alternative:

Omm Alternative is Colorado Springs’ most trusted source for professional medical marijuana doctors evaluations.

Located near the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs, Omm Alternative is Southern Colorado’s leading alternative health clinic. Providing a wide variety of alternative pain management including medical marijuana licenses, reiki therapy, and massage therapy.

Omm Alternative prides itself on being both professional and informative, holding the highest standard in state compliance.

All evaluations are preformed by licensed physicians in good standing with the state in accordance with Amendment 20 and HB-1284. In addition all patients of Omm Alternative receive our exclusive Patient Guide, explaining cannabis and cannabinoid treatment options, the rights and requirements of the Medical Marijuana Program, as well as providing hundreds of dollars in medication coupons to over 35 different dispensaries.

Omm Alternative is dedicated to making the application process easy and comfortable.

We at Omm Alternative understand that applying for the Medical Marijuana Program may be intimidating, which is why we provide step by step instruction in our comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. If you have any questions about whether or not you qualify for medicinal cannabis or how cannabinoid treatment might benefit you, please contact us at (719) 581-9666 or at ommalternative@gmail.com

Omm Alternative
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