• PhD, Electrical Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2017

Advisor: Dr. Walid Saad

Thesis: Context-Aware Resource Management and Performance Analysis of Millimeter Wave and Sub-6 GHz Wireless Networks

  • MSc, Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran, 2012

Advisor: Dr. Behrouz Maham

Thesis: The Study of RF Nonlinear Effects on Cognitive Radio Networks

  • BSc, Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran, 2010

Advisor: Dr. Mohammad K. Mousavi

Thesis: Initial Ranging For WiMAX Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access

Professional Appointments

  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Aug 2019 - Present

Assistant Professor

  • Georgia Southern University, Aug 2017- July 2019

Assistant Professor

  • Qualcomm- QCT, 2016

Research Intern

Summary of responsibilities:

a) Designing fixed-point interpolation filters for Tx front-end (TXFE) block with carrier aggregation capability.

b) Implementing efficient polyphase structures of the designed filters in CSIM and MATLAB.

c) Enabling multiple modes for the designed filters to support different carrier combining configurations.

d) Adopting CSIM blocks for fixed-point pre-equalizer IIR filters in TXFE.

  • Nokia, Bell Labs, 2014

Research Intern

Summary of responsibilities:

a) Proposing a novel method to estimate the trajectory of mobile users to enhance online video streaming in cellular networks.

b) Proposing a novel scheduling framework that exploits social context information to increase traffic offloads from backhaul network.