How to Enter a Meet (Parents and Swimmers)

  1. Let’s start already logged into your account. Click the name of the meet that you would like to enter (make sure you have already had it approved by your coach!) You’ll see this:

    Notice that handy “Meet Sheet” link. That will download or show you the meet sheet, where there is all the information you could probably handle about the meet, such as: start times (although you should check with your coach on when to be there), events offered, location, extra rules, etc. (this can also be found on the Pacific Swimming website,

  2. Click that orange “online meet entry” button, then the “Enter” button to the right of the swimmer you’d like to enter.

  3. You’ll see all the events in that swimmer’s age group. You can go ahead and enter your times by hand OR if your swimmer already has times, click the “Get All Best Times” button at the top to get best times for all of the events, or the “Best” button to the right of the event if you’re only doing a few (don’t worry about the “Bonus” part for now; if you need to use that, you’ll know.) You will be entered into the events that you have left times in the boxes. Amazing!

  4. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of your screen and then it will be saved, however, NOTHING is final until your pay for your events!

  5. To finalize and pay, click the “Go to Payment Page” button and then enter all your information and make sure you READ and click the checkbox. A pop up will appear for you to enter your payment information. You should receive two separate emails: a billing summary and an entries summary. If you don’t receive them, check your SPAM folder and the email in “My Account”.