Can I get a refund for my meet entry due to extenuating circumstances?
Unfortunately every meet sheet states a strict no-refund policy, nor can we transfer funds to another meet or another swimmer. If a refund is vital, please contact the Meet Director, whose contact information can be found on the meet sheet, as they have the authority to grant refunds. Don't shoot the messenger; this is straight from the big guys at your Local Swimming Committee.

Ok, so no refunds; how do I cancel my entry though if I can't attend?
No penalties will be given for not showing up at the meet.

How do I modify an entry I've already made?
Modifications can only be made BEFORE the meet is closed. See HERE.

Do I need a registered account to use Online Meet Entries as a parent or swimmer?
No. You can simply click on the 'Enter Meets' button on the OME Login page and you will be able to enter swimmers to any meet of your choice. However, registering does have its privileges!

What sort of privileges?
Entering meets will be much faster if you are a registered member since you may save in your profile the swimmers you'll want to register at meets. Moreover, you will be able to check the status of your current meet entries, modify entries, and be notified whenever new meets are posted.

Sounds great! How do I sign up as a parent or swimmer?
See the step-by-step screenshot tutorial HERE or grab some popcorn and see our help video HERE.

How do I enter the meet as a parent or a swimmer?
See the step-by-step screenshot tutorial HERE or grab some popcorn and see our help video HERE.

Do I need a registered account to use Online Meet Entries as a Coach or Team Representative?
Yes. The account will give you full access to all the entries associated with swimmers of your team. Moreover, you will have the capability to configure "proxy" meets where you can manage all the entries of your team swimmers for meets that do not use SwimConnection Online Meet Entries.

Sounds great! How do I sign up as a Coach or Team Rep?
See the step-by-step screenshot tutorial HERE or grab some popcorn and see our help video HERE.

Do I need a registered account to use Online Meet Entries as a Meet Host or Official?
Yes. The account gives you the privileges required to create new online meets at SwimConnection.

Who can use SwimConnection Online Meet Entries?
Everyone involved in USA Swimming age-group competitive swimming can use and benefit from SwimConnection Online Meet Entries: Swimmers and their Parents, Coaches and Team Representatives, Meet Hosts and Officials.

Do I have to pay to use SwimConnection Online Meet Entries?
You only have to pay when you enter a meet. You pay the standard fees charged by the meet host. Depending on the meet, some service fees may be added to the meet fees. If service fees apply, they are clearly shown on the billing information.

How do I turn on/off new meet notifications?
Please log into your account, then under your "My Account" tab, in the "Convenience" box, change the drop down menu for "Notify me when new meets are posted" to "No" or "Yes" based on your preference. If you are receiving two meet open notifications, please contact us at ome-support@swimconnection.com as you may have two accounts.

Why do I need a different account to play both roles of coach/teamrep and meethost?
Although we clearly understand the benefit of a single account when using OME, it would create many issues in practice. Here is why. 
A meet host will often process "paper" entries received via surface mail. The processing is done on behalf of the person that mailed the entries, and the payment is done by check. A coach/teamrep will also process entries for his team swimmers, and the payment will be done by credit card. Unless we know which hat the user is wearing, the system does not know if the entry should be processed as a meet host or as a coach/teamrep.

Similarly, it does not make sense to have the swimmers processed by meethosts associated with their account. However, the situation is completely different for a coach/teamrep. A coach/teamrep wants to be able to see all entries associated with his team swimmers, as well as any other swimmer he enters to a meet.

The system could prompt the user for the role he wants to be in when faced with such ambiguous situations. We've considered it, but we have ruled it out in the end because there are fundamental differences when a user acts as a coach/teamrep or as a meethost. That distinction must be clear to the user because mixing up the two roles within a single account is prone to errors and confusion.

We agree that this is a bit tricky when a coach/teamrep is hosting a meet and also has to deal with his team entries. However, please note that the system allows multiple users to share the role of coach/teamrep within a team, just like multiple users can share the role of meethost for the meet. Hopefully, responsibilities can be distributed among multiple people in your team and juggling both roles simultaneously will not be an issue.

Also, if you have to play both roles, we suggest to simply use a different suffix for your two accounts, while using the same password. For example, bobcoach and bobmeethost, both sharing a common password.

What’s the difference between the new Online Meet Entries system and the old SwimConnection?
The new website http://ome.swimconnection.com was designed to improve our Online Meet Entry service. Other than moving the online meet entries over to the new website, our services remain unchanged on the original website at http://swimconnection.com.

We continue to keep all of the functions on the original website, such as Best Times pages for the swimmers, Top Results lists, and email reports when swimmers being tracked by an account participate in a meet. All of the Meet Results are kept there as well as our extensive archives. The tools we make available to coaches for searching our results website remain intact.

However, there is a dramatic improvement in how we handle online meet entries. Everyone, including current members of Swim Connection on the original site, will need to register on the new site. Registering as a user on the new site is free. Our online help now comes in the form of short videos. On the opening log in page, users can click any of the three pictures to get a quick introduction to the improved Online Meet Entry system.

Briefly, users now have more control over their entries and can easily see and access entries they have already made for upcoming meets. Coaches can now generate team entry lists for upcoming meets, even before meets close. Coaches can also preselect events for their swimmers for a given meet, and coaches or team managers can bulk enter their entire team if they choose to do so. Meet directors are now allowed to set up their own meets, eliminating the sometimes time consuming back and forth system that was previously used. Meet directors can also grant access privileges to entry chairs or to officials that need access to entry information.

Is the ome.swimconnection.com site secure?
Yes. Our Web site is secured with a Starfield Technologies Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Click on the Secure Site link for verification. Secure Site