Flash Video Save Adapter

    0.17n6Beta110424A is currently (from about July 23, 2011) partially broken (cannot download or queueYouTube videos) and I have stopped distributing it. The implementation of YouTube features in 0.17n6 is easily broken by even small changes in the format of the YouTube page. In hindsight I realize I have made some very bad design decisions. I have decided to completely re-design and re-implement all of the YouTube related features. This new version 0.17n7 should be available in early 2012. [Update July 28, 2012: due to some unexpected expenses I need to concentrate on earning money for a while and have not been able to work on this at all.] 

    The latest version 0.17n6Beta110424A of "Flash Video Save Adapter for Firefox", FVSAF,  works with Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1 and Adobe Flash and with Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.3.181415.1237 or Online Armor Free with Avira AntiVir Personal or PC Tools Firewall Plus with avast! Free Antivirus 6.0.1091.  Previous versions of FVSAF did not work with some Internet security suites. This version has been verified to work with Comodo Internet Security Premium, Online Armor Free with Avira AntiVir Personal and PC Tools Firewall Plus with avast! Free Antivirus. It may or 
may not work with other Internet security suites.  (FVSAF has an intermittent but very serious problem with Outpost Security Suite Free.) This is a beta release is partially broken and I have stopped distributing it.

    FVSAF is a  freeware application for downloading Flash videos using Firefox.  FVSAF enables you to download a Flash video by right clicking on the Flash video instead of dealing with URLs or browser cache files. FVSAF  requires Windows XP SP3, Firefox 4 and Flash 10.3  RTMP features requires AMD's 3DNow! processor feature. (Any AMD processor manufactured after 1998 has 3DNow!.) FVSAF is developed and maintained by Omega Turtle. I am independent freeware developer. You can contact me at "omega.turtle@yahoo.com". Please help me improve FVSAF by sending me comments and suggestions.

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