These are Omega's Past Investigations. Click the Name of the place to visit their website. Click "Photos or Videos" to view or watch events from the investigation.

 Oak Hill, WV


Bryn Du Mansion


                                                                                Granville, OH

South Park, Pittsburgh, PA


Moundsville, WV



                      Waverly Hills Sanitorium


                              Louisville, KY     

McConnellsville, OH

                                                                                   Point Pleasant, WV

Sistersville, WV
Huntington, WV

This list of locations above, is merely some of the more well known spots that Omega has been. 
Below is our complete and comprehensive list of locations that have been visited and investigated by Omega:          Private Residence #1 - Fayetteville, WV
Private Residence #2 - Fayetteville, WV                                                       
Private Residence #3 - Gatewood, WV                        
Private Residence #4  - Fayetteville, WV                                                    
Private Residence #5 (Mutual Aid Investigation) - Hilltop, WV                                                            
Private Residence #6 - Oak Hill, WV 
Private Residence #7 - Pratt, WV                                                                   
Private Residence #8 - Oak Hill, WV                                                                   
Private Residence #9 - Kincaid, WV 
Private Residence #10 - Glen Jean, WV                  
Private Residence #11  - Oak Hill, WV
Private Residence #12
- Mt. Nebo, WV
Private Residence #13
- Huntington, WV 

Pax Community Cemetery
 - Pax, WV 

Old Great Western Pancake House (demolished) - Fayetteville, WV
Whipple Company Store & Museum
- Oak Hill, WV
Bryn Du Mansion - Granville, OH

Twin City Opera House - McConnellsville, OH
Crown Hill Cemetery
 - Indianapolis, IN 
The Whitehorse Inn - Fayetteville, WV
The Wells Inn - Sistersville, WV
Missing Person Case #1 (Mutual Aid w/Daywalkers) - Central IN                
Sylvia Lichens Homeplace (w/Daywalkers) - Indianapolis, IN 
Paul Ruster Park (w/Daywalkers) - Indianapolis, IN
Undisclosed Theatre - Fayette County, WV
Beckley Memorial Building
 - Beckley, WV

Undisclosed Carpet Store
 - Southern WV                                       
Former West Virginia State Penitentiary
- Moundsville, WV
Sanford School - Moundsville, WV 
Broughton Elementary School - Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Grimes Dentist Office - Huntington, WV

Former Glen Jean Elementary School - Glen Jean, WV                                           
St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery (w/ Daywalkers) - Bloomington, IN 
Stepp Cemetery (w/Daywalkers)
- Bloomington, IN
Town of Thurmond
 - Thurmond, WV
Undisclosed Bowling Alley - Southern WV                                                                           
The "Witch's Grave" - Fayetteville, WV 
Waverly Hills Sanitarium - Louisville, KY
Mt. Rose Cemetery - Moundsville, WV                                                                     
Central State Hospital (w/Daywalkers) - Indianapolis, IN
Former West Virginia Ordnance Works (TNT Area)
- Point Pleasant, WV
The Lowe Inn - Point Pleasant, WV
Glen Ferris Inn - Glen Ferris, WV 
Undisclosed Funeral Home
 - Central
Local Alleged Suicide Case - Oak Hill, WV                                                          
Warren Park (w/Daywalkers) - Indianapolis, IN 
Hayes Cemetery (w/Daywalkers) - Greenfield, IN                                                     
Monticello Mansion - Clarksburg, WV 
Smith Mansion - Beaver, PA 
Woods Ave. Cemetery - Oak Hill, WV