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Omega Body Blueprint Review

Are you one of those people who have struggled with Fat that will not go anywhere no matter what you do? You have tried every workout that exists and taken every diet you can, but the fat still doesn’t come off. Well, here is a diet program that will be sure to shock you at how easy it is to lose Fat while enlightening you on some very common misguiding norms.

Omega Body Blueprint is a 15 minute program that shows people the easiest ways to lose Fat without starving themselves or engaging in aggressive workouts in 12 weeks. Better yet, you will burn fat for three days without overwhelming yourself with workout regimes. Basically, there are five types of common food that should be completely avoided for successful results. These foods have become a big part of our lives that you would never think they were the main because your Fat was super hesitant to leave you.

Cereals are one of these types of food. Contrary to advertisements stating cereals are healthy breakfast foods, they are the main reason you will never burn any fat once you hit the gym or perform any workout regime. They are pumped with so much sugar that any workout you do after your breakfast will be a complete waste of time.

Soy is the second food you should eliminate from your diet. Huge companies encourage the use of soy as a healthier replacement of meat. While this fact is true, the soy sold today is too processed to allow the body to absorb protein necessary for effective weight loss. In fact, it aims at disrupting the production of a fat burning hormone found in the thyroid gland.

The Omega Body Blueprint program encourages people to stay away from cooking oils that fool people into believing they are healthy. These oils are packed with hydrogenated oils that promote diseases such as obesity, liver toxicity and heart problems. They also quicken the process of aging significantly.

Also, processed fruit juices are discouraged as, contrary to what companies say, are not packed with antioxidants. They contain sugars that add up to 400% in calories.

Additionally, the Omega Body Blueprint program advises on three mistakes you must never make if you are to lose Fat in the shortest time possible. The first mistake is while ultra low carbohydrate fats aim at decreasing your fat intake, they only succeed in doing the opposite. Diets with low fat are worse in that the body succeeds in storing more fats from foods with the wrong kinds of fats. The program, therefore, encourages eating the right types of foods at the right time and in the right amounts.

Omega Body Blueprint Details

The package is a 15 minute program that educates the types of foods to stay away from while doing a simple workout 2-3 times a week with positive results. The body weight training program helps keep the body lean and fit with a couple of muscles here and there depending on the type of body you want.

The Omega Body Blueprint package also includes fat burning updates for 1 year, metabolic rate calculator, email coaching and successful tool kit. The entire package costs $290.

Not only do the weight loss tricks and tips promote fast results, the program also shows you methods to make sure the weight never comes back.


Omega Body Blueprint program is among the very few that produce the quickest results using the most natural methods. You do not have to consume any kinds of chemicals in pills and other slimming supplements. It only requires two to three 15 minute workouts every week. This program has got to be the easiest and most effortless ways of losing stubborn Fat.

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