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Executive Board 2017-2019

Chris Rowbotham, Siuslaw Middle and High School

Chris White, Gold Beach High School

Dave Weston, Bandon High School

Cameron Jerde, Marshfield High School

Festival Chairs 2017-2018

High School Honor Groups, Chris White(Choir) and William Paget(Band)

Middle School Leadership, 
Ken Graber(Choir) and Amber Yester(Band)

Small Ensemble Festival, 
Shawn Bridges

Instrumental Jazz Festival, Dave Weston

Middle School District Choir Festival, Dana Childs

Solo and Ensemble Festival, 
Ken Graber(Choir) and Amber Yester(Band)

Middle School District Band Festival, Cameron Jerde

High School District Choir Festival, William Paget

High School District Band Festival, Colin Hurowitz and Cameron Jerde