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isvara pranidhana

Isvara Pranidhana 

Yoga Sutra II.45: samadhi-siddhir isvara-pranidhanat
“Surrender to God brings perfection in samadhi.”1
Isvara pranidhana is surrender and devotion to isvara. isvara is undefinable: it means "Lord", "God" or really any name you chose to describe a "higher power".  It's origin dates back over 3,000 years and originally refers to "a person but unnamed god".2 

Isvara pranidhana is found in three different contexts in The Yoga Sutras: first as a 1-step path of its own in Sutra I.23, second as the third step of Kriya Yoga in Sutra II.1 and the third time as the fifth niyama in Sutra II.32, 45.