MISSION STATEMENT: The continued interest in the incorporation of behavioral theory and dynamics into common discussions of operations management has been demonstrated by a growing number of operations management publications in high ranking non-traditionally OM outlets (eg. Journal of Applied Psychology), an increase in the publication of behaviorally focused work in OM outlets and an increase in special seminar series, sections and chapters of established OM academic associations devoted to this interface. What is obvious is the wide range of viewpoints as to the direction that new research aimed at merging elements of these two traditionally divergent fields should be. Should an emphasis be on incorporating artificial characterizations of human behavior as explicit components of OR models, or should emphasis be placed on empirically investigating the interplay between OM recommendations/policies on subsequent human behavior? Most are of the opinion that there is no single 'correct' approach, but that a variety of approaches should be taken up in tandem. The joint MISSION of the BDOM Network and POMS College of Behavioral Operations is to provide an interdisciplinary mechanism for exchange to support such efforts.
ORGANIZATION and REPRESENTATION: While there are numerous professional organizations with chapters that have developed from the original organizing principles of the BDOM Network (founded 2006) the POMS College, with its associated links to the POMS journal Department of Behavioral Operations, currently provides one of the most representative bodies of researchers. The intent of this website is therefore to provide representation and informational updates for the College, as well as for the broader BDOM network. ... For regular updates on content and events join the BeOps listserv : beops@googlegroups.com ... For discussion threads see the affiliated BeOps LinkedIn group
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