just in time for cinco de mayo, a much requested tab for canadian girls has been posted.  now you can serenade your girl from north of the border, while you party south of the border style.  enjoy. 



now that myspace is back up and running, we've put the ol' site back in business as well. all three albums are available in their entirety for free download on the media page. enjoy. and feel free to share them with a whole bunch of strangers. after all, that's how we got on international public radio in the first place.



our myspace page has been permanently deleted [for some reason unbeknownst to us] by the myspace gods. our apologies. we'll get a new page up on the 'space'soon enough. in the meantime, enjoy some tunes in the media section. 



the 'fans', 'history', and 'shop' links are up and running.

thanks for stopping by. we're working on the links above, but in the meantime, feel free to check out our myspace page.