When your windows need a doctor.

Preservation of Historic Windows.
Adjustment and repair of any window.

Do your windows needs some work?
Broken glass or cracked glazing?
Frayed or missing ropes?
Hard to open, completely stuck or painted shut?

Call or text the Window Doctor at 402-672-2208 

Doug Morin, a longtime resident of Morton Meadows in Omaha.
He grew up fixing the windows of his family's home in Lincoln built in 1903.
Since then he's fixed hundreds of windows and would be glad to help you with yours.  

See more information on Restoration Exchange Omaha (www.restorationexchange.org)
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Doug Morin, 402-672-2208, dmorin7@gmail.com, 4401 Woolworth Ave, Omaha

Doug Morin,
Mar 10, 2017, 6:46 AM