Welcome! You will find RUSA approved permanent rides in and around Omaha, NE

Route # 739 - Waterloo Ceresco Loop, a 74.6 mile (120km) route through the small communities west of Omaha, Nebraska. The route begins in Waterloo, Nebraska and winds southwest through Yutan, Nebraska to Ashland, Nebraska, roughly 25 miles. The route is relatively flat through this segment of the ride, then begins a nice roll as you head west to Ceresco, Nebraska - a little over 15 miles of nice rolling farmland. Then you'll head north and east back toward Waterloo to round out the nearly 75 mile ride.

Route # 199 - Decatur 200, a 127.0 mile (207km) route through farmlands traveling west and north of Omaha, Nebraska connecting to roads overlooking the Missouri River. This route has a nice blend of hills, flats, river views, farms, and small town Nebraska. It will challenge you without leaving you feeling exhausted - assuming you're experienced on 200k rides. Visit http://ridewithgps.com/routes/5213954 to view the route map. The route features 6,600 feet of climbing - mostly at the beginning and end of the ride.

Route # 2824 - Omaha Wabash Trail Loop, a 63.3 mile (101km) route that begins in the heart of Omaha's Field Club Historic District and weaves through the Old Market area. The route crosses the Missouri River into Council Bluff, Iowa via the scenic and unique Bob Kerry Pedestrians Bridge. You'll travel along the Missouri River weaving your way via the Council Bluff trail network to the rails to trails conversion Wabash Trace Trail and ride through Iowa small towns and rural farm areas. On your way back through Omaha you will ride by the Omaha Zoo and Lauritzen Gardens back to the Field Club Historic District. Visit http://ridewithgps.com/routes/10140238 to get the route map. This route features 1,902 feet of climbing.

Route # 2898 - North Omaha - Blair 100k Loop, a 62.9 mile (101km) route that begins in an uncongested and easily accessible area north of Omaha. You'll start at a Cubby's gas and convenience store right next to a coffee shop and restaurant. There is good parking away from the store's near parking. Your riding adventure starts on NE-36, an uncongested excellent state road, heading west over rolling hills riding on the northern edge of Bennington, NE. During your initial rolling westward ride you'll see small lakes, farms, and quaint Nebraska rural scenery. A few miles after passing Bennington, you'll turn north heading through scenic farmland on rolling county roads - also in excellent condition. This northerly stage of the ride is a favorite with Omaha cyclists. NE-91 marks the end of the northern part of the ride, you'll turn east toward Blair, NE - a nice midsize Nebraska town, journey through Blair and ride to Fort Calhoun. After a checkpoint and break in Fort Calhoun you'll head east again to Boyer Chute and then south for a nice paved trail ride along the Missouri River as hills, farmland, and rural Nebraska tucks into one of America's major rivers that the Lewis and Clark expedition chartered. After this scenic jaunt, you'll tuck back into North Omaha for a meal and coffee at the finish. This is a great American Explorer, 100k training route, or P12 qualifier ride. Visit http://ridewithgps.com/routes/11059842 to get the route map. This route features 2,862 feet of rolling climb with a few short 8 percent climbs.

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