My transceivers / Receivers:

Allmode HF/VHF/UHF - Icom 7000 (100/50/35W) + Digi Keyer from Microham + PAT130M + Airspy Mini
Allmode HF/VHF/UHF - Yeasu FT-857 (100/50/20W), often used for SOTA & WWFF

Allmode HF/VHF/UHF - Yeasu FT-817ND (5W) often used for SOTA & WWFF
Allmode HF - mcHF SDR (10W) often used for SOTA & WWFF
FM VHF/UHF - Yeasu FT-8800 (50/35W) + UP4DAR for D-Star - builded from kit
FM / D-Star VHF/UHF - Icom ID-51E (5/4W)
FM / DMR UHF - TYT MD-380 (5W) - alternative fw
FM VHF/UHF - Kenwood THF-7E (5/4W)
FM VHF/UHF - Yeasu VX-2E (1,5/1W)
FM VHF - Motorola P110 (6W) + Open Tracker 1 APRS in car
FM CB - Allamat 296 (4W)
FM CB - Allamat 27 (2W)
Lima SDR kit + SB X-FI - not finished yet, RX working
Home QTH antennas:
On rotor Hirschmann RO280:
 1 x V-polarized 4 ele Yagi for 2m band
 1 x H-polarized 4 ele Yagi for 2m band
 1 x V-polarized 10 ele Yagi for 70cm band
Diamond X300 for FT-8800 41m + 2m above ground
For HF 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m I'm using self build Cobwebb antenna 41m + 5m above ground
For HF 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m I'm using 80m
self build Deltaloop from 35m to 14m above ground

Measuring tools:
RF network analyser Mini VNA Pro up to 200MHz from mRS
Frequency counter 10Hz - 2,6GHz Yeage FC-1
RF network analyser NWT-500 up to 600MHz + SWR bridge - builded from kit
Digital SWR meter 5W-1031 100-500 MHz /50W
Digital SWR meter 2016A 1.6-60 MHz /199W
Antenna Tuner MFJ-941E with SWR meter
PC USB osciloscope DSO-5200 up to 200MHz
Micro osciloscope DS203 up to 30MHz with open fw
ESR Tester Zajic - builded from kit

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