My transceivers:

 Allmode HF/VHF/UHF - Icom 7000 (100/50/35W) + Digi Keyer from Microham
Allmode HF/VHF/UHF - Yeasu FT-857 (100/50/20W), often used for SOTA & WWFF

Allmode HF/VHF/UHF - Yeasu FT-817ND (5W)
FM VHF/UHF - Yeasu FT-8800 (50/35W) + UP4DAR for D-Star - builded from kit
FM / D-Star VHF/UHF - Icom ID-51E (5/4W)
FM VHF/UHF - Kenwood THF-7E (5/4W)
FM VHF/UHF - Yeasu VX-2E (1,5/1W)
FM VHF/UHF - Boafeng UV-3R
FM VHF - Motorola P110 (6W) + Open Tracker 1 APRS in my car
FM UHF - Motorola P110 (0.5W) for Echolink OM0OUB
FM VHF - Alan CT-170 (4W)
FM CB - Allamat 296 (4W)
FM CB - Allamat 27 (2W)
Lima SDR kit + SB X-FI - not finished yet
Home antennas:
On rotor Hirschmann RO280:
 1 x V-polarized 4 ele Yagi for 2m band
 1 x H-polarized 4 ele Yagi for 2m band
 1 x V-polarized 10 ele Yagi for 70cm band
For FT-8800 I'm using Diamond X300
For HF 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m I'm using Deltaloop from 35m to 14m above ground
For 12m, 11m, 10m I'm using Gain Master from Sirio Antenne

Measuring tools:
RF network analyser Mini VNA Pro up to 200MHz from mRS
Frequency counter 10Hz - 2,6GHz Yeage FC-1
RF network analyser NWT-500 up to 600MHz - builded from kit
Digital SWR meter 5W-1031 100-500 MHz /50W
Digital SWR meter 2016A 1.6-60 MHz /199W
Antenna Tuner MFJ-941E with SWR meter
PC USB osciloscope DSO-5200 up to 200MHz
Micro osciloscope DS203 up to 30MHz with open fw
ESR Tester - builded from kit