Journalist covering London this summer? 
Here you'll find Google Maps and Google Earth content to enhance your coverage. And if you're headed to London, use Google Maps for Android to help you get around with indoor maps, offline maps and real-time service alerts for the London Underground. 
Permissions and Licensing: If you'd like to use any of the content on this site in your news coverage, please make sure to attribute the content to both Google and our imagery partners. For instance, if you use one of the high-res satellite stills, attribution to Google and our imagery provider must be visible with the content. You can find the name of our imagery provider directly on the imagery itself, in Maps (bottom right corner) and Earth (bottom center). If you're planning to use this imagery on television, please make sure you have an active Google broadcast license (it's free — apply here). To learn more about Maps and Earth permissions, visit our Permissions page.

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New high-res imagery of London

We've just updated our London imagery in Google Earth, courtesy of imagery providers GeoEye and Bluesky. Visit this Picasa album to find high-res stills of the park and the greater London area ready for use. You can find this imagery in Google Earth, and in the Earth and satellite layers on maps.google.com.

If you use our imagery, please be sure to attribute both Google and our providers. You'll find the name of the imagery provider at the bottom center of the imagery when viewing it in Google Earth. Note that the provider changes depending on zoom level and area.

Satellite imagery courtesy of GeoEye and Bluesky. Click the image to see a Picasa album of high-res imagery for your use. 

To create your own high-res photos of London, follow these simple steps:

  • Search for London in Google Earth Pro
  • Select: File > Save > Save Image > Premium > Save
  • Choose where you want to save the file
  • Give it a minute to download
  • Your image, with attribution, is now ready

KML files of POIs

Sports venues - Download KML

London landmarks - Download KML

Museums - Download KML

To open KML files: Download them to your computer, launch Google Earth, and select File > Open. The points of interest will populate your Temporary Places tab, along the left, and from there you'll be able to double click and zoom in to each one. You can also save these items for later use: Click and drag an item to your My Places folder; hit File > Save > Save My Places. 

Double click on the place name to zoom to its location.

B-roll of Google Earth tours

We've created several tours pre-rendered and ready to use. You can download them from Google Drive by clicking the links below.

Sports venues - In this tour, we jump from venue to venue. Download the video | Download KML of this tour

Cycling - In this video, we draw a simple line along the cycling route. Download the video | Download KML of this tour

Marathon - In this video, we draw a simple line along the marathon route. Download the video | Download KML of this tour

Historical imagery - In this video, we compare aerial imagery of 1948 London to the London of today. Download the video

Paralympic cycling - In this video, we draw a simple line along the cycling route. Download the video | Download KML of this tour

Landmarks along the Thames - In this tour, we visit landmarks along the River Thames. Download the video | Download KML of this tour

Museum tour - In this tour, we visit museums around London. Download the video | Download KML of this tour

Click the image above to watch one ready-to-use tour
on YouTube.

B-roll of Google Maps for mobile features

We've created a couple b-roll videos featuring handy Google Maps for Android features — indoor maps and transit directions — to help your viewers and readers who are traveling to London. 

Indoor maps with Wembley Stadium - Download the video

Indoor maps with Harrods - Download the video

Transit directions of London - Download the video

Indoor maps featuring Wembley Stadium.  

3D models of sports venues

Set the scene for your segment by flying to these models, use them in high-res stills and maps on your site — the possibilities!

Here's just some of the venues we have (search the name of the venue you're looking for in Google Earth to discover more, and make sure the 3D buildings layer is ON). Links below lead to the 3D Warehouse: 

         3D model in the 3D Warehouse

    There are two ways to view these models: 

  1. Check the 3D layer "ON" in Google Earth, and use the search box to find the venue. You can do this to locate any of the sports venues we have, not just the ones listed above.
  2. Grab the model from the 3D Warehouse: Click "Download Model", launch Google Earth Pro, and use File > Open to pull up the model in your "My Places" list. 

3D layer ON, bottom left in Google Earth Pro.