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The Jefferson County MoveOn council sponsored a "Making Wall Street Pay" rally in Port Townsend, WA.

Video and pictures here.

The Clallam County MoveOn council sponsored a "Making Wall Street Pay" rally in Sequim, WA.

Pictures here.

Progressives mounted a Defend the American Dream protest in Sequim, WA.

Video and pictures here.

The Clallam County Council saw a presentation about a planned shooting range in the wetlands at the March 2011 council meeting.

See more pictures from the Clallam MoveOn Council meeting.

Rep. Norm Dicks made a public statement (that got on national TV).

See Norm's statement here.

Protesters rally outside Rep. Norm Dicks's offices in Port Angeles on 24 February 2011.

See more pictures from the rally.

The Clallam County Council saw a presentation about Olympic Medical Center at the February 2011 council meeting.

See more pictures from the Clallam MoveOn Council meeting.

Protesters highlighted Martin Luther King Day in Port Angeles.

The Clallam Council saw a panel discuss the local effects of proposed state budget cuts.

MoveOn members and other progressives met outside the office of Rep. Norm Dicks to sound off about the proposed tax cuts.

See more pictures from the speak out.

The Clallam County MoveOn Council met to discuss the elections and make plans. Members back ending tax cuts for the rich, and many had their pictures taken with a message for Congressman Norm Dicks.

See more pictures from the MoveOn Council meeting.

Progressives helped their favorite candidates get elected.

MoveOn members "bird-dogged" the Dino Rossi campaign. They attempted to give him a check to reward his help for the "RepubliCorp" organization, a fictitious group that pays off Republicans for their help to gigantic corporations and secret right-wing control groups.

See the videos at Bird-Dogging Dino Rossi. See more pictures from the Democratic Campaign.

MoveOn members rallied to get out the vote in Port Angeles on 26 October 2010.

See more pictures of Rally for the Vote Port Angeles.

If you have pictures of the Sequim rally, please send them to me for the website.

MoveOn members created signs for the Rally for the Vote event on the 26th.

See more pictures of Making Signs.