Pet Registry


Name: "Lilly"
Owner: Angela and Tomas Ruiz
Street: Otis St
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Description: Lilly is a small calico female cat. She's micro-chipped and registered with the Thurston County Animal Shelter.


Name: "Tank"
Owner: Mare Hilchey
Street: Otis St
Tank is a 3.2lb Toy Poodle and is dangerously cute. He's often found at Mare's hair salon schmoozing the ladies. One look by him will melt any heart so take caution when approached by this beast.


 Name: "Kaiser"
Owner: Jay McDougall
 Street: Rowen
Description: Very Friendly to people, likes to chase other animals. Med-Large 90lb Male GSD.

Billy Bob

Name: "Billy Bob"
Owner: Craig Geiger
Street: Galloway
Description: His back right paw has 2 white nails on it, distinguishing feature. He's very scared approach him cautiously, he likes women MUCH better, use his name Billy when trying to get him, he can nip when scared but he's very loving he was a stray.
Note: He is not friendly with strange animals (especially larger dogs) and is terrified of anything/anyone that startles him such as strangers, bicycles, runners, hats, hoods, uniforms and often men.


Name: "Paolo"
Owner: Jay Becker
Street: Otis St
Description: Paolo is an explorer, and he loves to meet people. He is about sixty pounds. He barks, never bites- but is known to jump around with excitement. He runs loose on Otis St and does extremely well with other dogs (and people), tending to lose interest quickly and going his own way. Responds to Paolo, loves treats and a good sofa-sit to watch tv. Housemate of Bali. 


 Name: "Helios"
 Owner: Diana Larsen-Mills
 Street: Quince St
 Species: Cat
 Breed: Maine Coon
 Color: Brown
 Description: Long haired, large male cat.  He has a id chip.


Name: Tony
Owner: Kara Steward
Street: Otis St. SE
Species: Cat
Breed:Domestic Short Hair
Color: Brown
Description: 10 pound brown/black striped male - has chip - very docile and neutered. he doesn't like Pete, Kit and Kurt's cat! though he's friendly with others


Owners Name: Cortney Kelley
Pets Name: Ruby
Street: Otis
Species: Dog
Breed: Border Collie
Color: Black & White
Description: Ruby is an incredible dog! She's just under 40 lbs. and is missing one of her front bottom teeth--maybe we'll get her some bling for that...She wags her entire body, not just her tail and truly smiles when she greets you.


Name: "Bali"
Owner: Jay Becker
Street: Otis St
Bali is 120 pounds of frightening love. Large floppy ears, long whip-like tail, typical black/brown markings of a Doberman or a Rottweiler but with a small white patch under his neck. He doesn't jump, he is great with other dogs and he's excellent with people. (and kids!) He isn't supposed to be out running around outside without an adult (he runs away!), so if you see him please latch on to him.


Name: "Thor"
Owner: Nick Flood
Street: Buker   
Thor is a Small, long haired Jack Russel. 28 dog-years of age. Not hostile, not known to bite. Sometimes likes to chase people. Currently being trained. Does wear a collar (has pictures of surfboards and woodies on it). Has been vaccinated. Sometimes hops on one hind leg when he runs (it's genetic, not a problem).


Owner: Nasue Nishida & Drew Wellner
Name: Shilo (she-low)
Street: Otis St.
Color: white with gray
Description: Shilo is a 5 year old cat, white with gray markings. She is an indoor-outdoor cat, likes to hunt anything from spiders to squirrels and is friendly to people (and not-so-much w/ other cats). Her most distinguishing feature are her multiple toes.


Name: "Tucker"
Owner: Michele A. Burton
Description: Large white male cat with darks spots and striped tail. Very skitterish


Pets Name: "Ginger"
Owners Name: Craig Geiger
Street: Galloway
Description: Ginger barks a lot but NEVER has bitten anyone. She will shut up once you pet her. She can be skiddish, but is totally food oriented so you should be able to lure her with FOOD. She is sweet & gentle just barks a lot, but very friendly, usually friendly with dogs, but not necessarily LARGER dogs.


Name: "Odin"
Owner: Lee
Street: Buker
Species: Dog
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Color: Redish brown
Description: Spunky, very lean, tall, athletic dog, friendly, but has a menacing bark if he's startled. 85 pounds. Ridge of hair on back is part of the breed, he is NOT angry! Very food motivated.


Name: "Kona"
Owner: Lynn Ledgerwood
Street: Otis St. SE
Description: After driving my mom crazy (she was trying to make me an inside cat), I gained my freedom to roam a bit during daylight hours....Apparently I don't have a problem with other kitties (unless they come in my house and eat my food) or are Bandit (you know who you are Bandit :)) and I love visiting neighbors at the end of Otis. I am in at night (my mom calls me if I don't come home by dark) and I am usually good at answering to my name, especially when I think I'll get "food" (my favorite thing in the whole world). I have a collar with a bell and am microchipped and often can be found sleeping on the metal garden bench in front of my house

Beau, Shine & Steiff

Pet's Name: Beau, Shine and Steiff
Owner Name: Lynn and Glen Scroggins
Street: Buker St SE
Species: Dog
Breed: Beau (Bichon), Shine and Steiff (Whippets)
Color: Beau (white, Shine (brindle), Steiff (tan & white)
Description: Beau is currently 14 years old, Shine is 7 years old, and Steiff is 6 years old.

We have a fenced back yard good for all dogs and a fenced front yard good for Beau. Occasionally they escape and this service is most appreciated.


Name: Dottie
Owner: Mare Hilchey
Street: Otis
Species: Cat
Color: Tortie
Beautiful female cat with medium length fur and green eyes.