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Welcome to the Wildwood Neighborhood

The purpose of the association is to preserve and improve the environment of the neighborhood, promote neighborhood safety and security, foster social ties, work in conjunction with other neighborhoods, and promote a better neighborhood and community through group action.

3-D Flight of the Hilton Garden Inn

Wildwood Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting | March 6, 2014, 7 pm

Lincoln Elementary School Staff Lounge


Call to Order (5 minutes)

Approval of December 4, 2013 Minutes

Acceptance of March Agenda

Treasurer’s Report (5 minutes) | Steve

New Business

Neighborhood Pathways Program (10 minutes) | Mary Beth and Janae

Old Business

Henderson property development update and next steps (15 minutes) | Janae and Mary Beth

Sub-area planning workshop (5 minutes) | Mary Beth

2014 budget and activity discussion (10 minutes) - All

Summer event planning (10 minutes) | All

Update on Urban Corridor designation in the City of Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan (5 minutes) | David

Inventory of historic properties and Historic District designation (5 minutes) | Janae

Neighborhood walk-through and contact information update | 5 minutes) A ll

Next meeting confirmation (5 minutes) | All

New Business continued

Cell Towers Ordinance  (10 minutes) | Wendy Daray

Wrap up and adjourn

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Winter Storm 2012

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