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This page includes links to sites used in class as well as sites that are useful for projects we are working on.

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AP Gov Executive Branch Executive Branch Links 
AP Gov How Do We Vote? Activity Links for "How Do We Vote?" Activity 
AP Gov Packingham v. North Carolina Packingham v. NC Case Links 
AP Gov AP Gov Links General AP Government Links 
AP Gov Constitutional Interpretation Use this site to explore ways that people interpret the Constitution. 
AP Gov Electoral College Short Videos about the Electoral College 
AP Gov Media and Politics Media and Politics Assignment 
AP Gov APGOV - Polling Sites Political Polls 
AP Gov Structure of Congress Links for the "Structure of Congress" assignment on Congressional Committees 
AP Gov Campaign Project - Voter and Ad Data Use this link to access voter data and TV ratings. 
AP Gov Bureaucracy of Pizza Links for Bureaucracy assignment 
AP Gov Campaign Campaign Evaluation Links 
AP Gov Essential Legislation Links for Essential Legislation assignment 
Criminal Justice Insanity Defense 
Criminal Justice Criminal Corrections 
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice - General Links 
Criminal Justice Police Use of Force Police Use of Force and Body Camera Debate 
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Online Tools 
Criminal Justice Serial Killers Activity 
Modern U.S. Reagan and the Cold War Reagan/Cold War DBQ 
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