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Holy Orders

Holy Orders

As believers of God, we are all God's servants and all share in the priesthood of Christ. We are there to serve one another and to strengthen our service outside as well as within the Church. The Holy Orders sacrament allows those who wish to officially serve and dedicate their lives to the Church to be ordained as Priests, Deacons or Bishops. The three appointments are known as the presbyterate for priests, the diaconate for deacons and the episcopate for bishops. 


First and foremost candidates who receive their special calling for priesthood offer themselves to preach the Good News to Christian communities. Candidates go through a seminary programme which includes spiritual direction and retreats in preparation for their ordination. Once ordained a priest is given the power to administer the Sacraments and celebrate Mass by leading and guiding his Church spiritually and at the same time offering support and comfort to those in need.

Married men who are widowed are able to enter into this religious vocation, reason being once the spouse dies, the bond of marriage is disbanded. 


Deacons are servants who have been married but wish to be ordained into the Church, enabling them to serve Christian communities by assisting priests and bishops with the other Sacraments as well as charitable work and preaching the word of God.


The highest level in this Sacrament is becoming a Bishop. These special candidates are specifically selected and ordained as ministers to lead and supervise priests and deacons. His mission is to govern, sanctify, teach and unite Christian communities under his realm whilst preaching and strengthening God's word.

The preaching of the Homily during Mass may never be performed by anyone other than a Bishop, Priest or Deacon. No one other than a Priest may say the parts of the Mass reserved to the Priest, particularly the Eucharistic Prayer. Even ordained Deacons may not recite these prayers.

Prayer to Know my Vocation

Lord Jesus, I believe that you have created me for a special mission. 
From the moment I was conceived in my mother’s womb, you have been preparing my path to Heaven. 
Lord, show me your will for my life. 
Help me to trust you, no matter the cost. 
Help me to believe that I will be happiest in doing your will. 
Give me the grace to say yes to what 
you ask of me today, so that I can say yes to my vocation when it becomes clear to me. 
I make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen.

If you'd like to receive further information regarding the priesthood please contact the presbytery (parish office).