The Sacrament of Confirmation is the next Sacrament to be celebrated after First Holy Communion. It is a Sacrament which offers us the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives - the same Spirit who descended upon the Apostles on Pentecost Sunday. These gifts strengthen and deepen our relationship with God and prepare us to be fully committed Disciples of Jesus Christ and fully active members of the Church. It is regarded as a sign of full membership into the Christian faith. 

During the Confirmation ceremony the candidates are anointed with sacred Chrism by the Bishop or priest, who also lay their  hands on the candidate's head, praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon them.

The Bishop or a priest prays that each candidate will receive the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, courage, knowledge, reverence, understanding, awe and right judgement.

There are two Confirmation courses run by Our Lady of Fatima, one for young adults and one for adults (the adult Confirmation course details can be found under Becoming a Catholic - RCIA

The young adults Confirmation Course teaches candidates the meaning of this Sacrament, helps them to deepen their faith and relationship with God, and how to live as a committed follower of Christ. The candidate will be asked to choose a sponsor (someone who is over 16, baptised & confirmed) as well as take on the name of a saint - one who particularly inspires them.

Those applying for Confirmation must be Year 10+ at the start of the course (in September of that year), i.e. around 14 years of age. The candidates should be old enough to understand the difficulties, challenges and significance of their promises and be committed to living out the Christian faith.

Application forms for Confirmation for young adults are made available at the end of June each year and need to be returned by early September. The course normally starts in late September and runs through to May with a Confirmation Ceremony held usually around the time of Pentecost. 

This year’s confirmation candidates began their journey of preparation on Sunday 22nd Sept. Please pray for our group of 20 candidates.

If you'd like to receive further information regarding Confirmations please contact the presbytery (parish office).

Confirmation Calendar

The following is our current course schedule:

OLOFC Confirmation Group


OLOFC - Keep Calm Sponsor

As part of the sacrament, each candidate will need to choose their Confirmation sponsor – someone already close to them who can support them with prayer, encouragement and a good example of Catholic living, both over the next year and all the journey of life ahead.  A sponsor must be:

  • at least 16 years old
  • a baptised and confirmed Catholic

It is also important that their sponsor can be present for certain key moments during the Confirmation programme and, of course, the Confirmation celebration itself! 

Each candidate will also need to let us know which Confirmation saint they have chosen. This year we would like to encourage the candidates to choose a saint of the 20th century.

We will also be asking each candidate to take part in a service project – an opportunity to experience/help out with some part of the Church’s charitable work. In recent years candidates have helped with a soup kitchen run by the Missionaries of Charity and raised money for CAFOD.

What do we believe and why?

In this session we look at the different reasons we believe what we believe. These could be: scientific and medical evidence, personal conviction, trust in a relative or friend, or perhaps our Christian faith. The things that we believe shape the person that we are.
It is important to understand that, contrary to what we are often told, faith and science are not opposed to each other but, in fact, they are meant to complement each other. Watch this short film about the young Albert Einstein – just one of many famous scientists who was also a Christian.
Now watch this short film which shows how science can actually support our belief in God. Science actually offers some of the most powerful evidence that God exists!
And now enjoy this stunning film showing the beauty and glory of God’s creation. Praise the Lord!
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Videos used for our first session:

Albert Einstein - Does God Exist?

The Kalam Cosmological Arguement

Meditation: God's Beautiful Creation