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Biblical Definitions

Biblical Definitions

We have composed a list of Biblical words and terms with explanations of their meaning. Hopefully, this will help you have a better understanding of the Word of the Lord.

BLESSED SACRAMENT - is also known as the Body and Blood of Christ, which refers to the host (bread) and wine - representing the real presence of Jesus Christ in Church.

CATECHESIS - is an education of the Christian faith by word of mouth helping initiate the recipient into Christian life.

CATECHISM - is the religious teaching of Christianity with an introduction to the Holy Sacraments.

CATECHUMENS - is a person receiving instruction on the Christian faith view a to being baptised.

COVENANT - is an agreement. In the Jewish faith, God made several covenants with his people including Abraham, Moses and David.

EUCHARIST - is the sacrament of Holy Communion.

GENUFLECT - is to kneel, bending the knee or touching one knee to the floor in sign of worship especially when passing the Blessed Sacrament.

GOSPEL - is the Good news, including the revelations and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, especially the first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.

HOMILY - is a sermon/moral talk preached by a priest, on a Biblical religious topic usually related to the gospel of the day.

LITURGY - also known as Divine Liturgy, is a religious rite and a pattern for worship used by Christians.

MARANATHA - is a Greek expression from two Aramaic words 'Maran'athah' that appears in the Bible meaning 'The Lord is Coming!; Come, Lord!, Our Lord has come! or O Lord, come!'

MESSIAHJesus is regarded as the 'Messiah', the anointed one and promised deliverer and saviour of the world. Jesus was to be a king of God's kingdom, and to rule the Jewish people during the Messianic Age. 

PARABLE - is a simple story in prose or verse, as told by Jesus in the Gospel, that illustrates a spiritual or 
moral instructive lesson.

PENANCE - is a punishment/discipline imposed by the Church for a sin you have committed, regretted and confessed to, with the intention of amendment.

PENITENTIAL - is showing and demonstrating penance.

PROPHECY - is a messages communicated by God which is an interpretations, revelation or a predictions of what will happen in the future.

RITE - is a formal act/religious ceremony procedure performed in a Christian Church. For example the rite of Baptism.

SACRAMENT - is also known as Holy Sacrament and is a visible sign instituted by Jesus Christ to symbolise grace through a sacred act.

SCRIPTURE - is also known as Holy Scripture, the sacred writings of the Bible including both the Old & New Testaments. It also refers to a particular passage from the Bible.

THE WORD - also known as the Scriptures, the Bible, or the Gospels representing divine revelations & often called: The Word of God.