Baptism is the first basic Sacrament celebrated by the Catholic Church which officially welcomes the participant into the Christian community. You can be baptised into the Catholic Church any time during your lifetime as Baptisms can be performed on infants through to adults, however you can only be Baptised the once. The majority of Catholics are normally Baptised as babies, therefore their parents make the promise to bring them up in the Christian faith. The parents or participant will be asked to choose two Godparents who are over 16, Baptised, Confirmed and practising Catholics who will be responsible and dependable Christian role models. 

The Baptism rite consists of water being poured three times over the participant's head whilst a priest recites "I Baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" - the forehead is also anointed with holy oil and a candle is lit to represent the Light of Christ. Those who are Baptised are called to a mission of priest, prophet and king and once Baptised are freed from sin and connected with Christ.

A short preparation programme is arranged for the parents and Godparents before the Baptism celebration. If you wish to have your child Baptised at Our Lady of Fatima you will need to contact the presbytery to arrange the date and make a booking to take part in our Baptism Preparatory Course. Preparation Courses for parents usually take place on Sundays at 4.00pm.

Please note that Baptisms take place in the parish in which you reside. If because of special circumstances you wish the Baptism to take place in a Church outside your own parish, you will need the permission of your parish priest.

Baptism Application Forms can be requested from the presbytery.

If you'd like to receive further information regarding Baptisms or need a copy of your Baptism certificate, please contact the presbytery (parish office).