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Offertory Servers

Offertory Servers

The Offertory Serving Team consists of Offertory Collectors and Gift Presenters and both play a very important role in God's house.

Offertory Collectors 

The Offertory Collectors are in charge of collecting cash donations as well as the Planned Giving envelopes during our masses. This money is collected to assist the poor, provide upkeep for the local clergy and pay for all the infrastructure of the parish. 

These volunteers do a fantastic and efficient job arranging the quick collections. We currently have four Collectors during our 11am Sunday mass and two during our other masses. 

The collection is often taken up at the same time as the bread and wine as soon as the Bidding prayers finish. The empty baskets are collected from the back of the church.

Offertory Presenters

The Offertory (Gift) Presenters consist of two members of the congregation who bring the bread and wine to the altar for consecration. The gifts of bread and wine are brought up from the small table positioned behind the first half of benches and through the assembly and given to the priest. 

This act is to indicate that these are gifts from the people and that the people are making a gift of themselves just as Christ gifted himself to the Father. The priest receives the bread and wine and places them on the altar. 

Serving during mass is a necessity and we are always in need of volunteers to perform these roles.

If you are interested in becoming an Offertory Server, please contact the presbytery (parish office) to let us know which mass you would like to help with.