Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team do tremendous work which is very understated but extremely valued and important to our parish. 

The team help the parish maintain the building in a good state of repairs by doing odd jobs here and there such as changing bulbs, painting and minor repairs, etc. During celebrations they are needed for things like building a procession carrier, putting up the Christmas lights at the front and inside the Church to setting up the Nativity crib.

We're always in need of people with building, carpentry, plumbing, electric, gas, decorating and window cleaning skills and would welcome anyone who would like to help us out in their spare time.

If you're interested in volunteering and joining our very much needed Maintenance Team, please contact the presbytery (parish office).

Gardening Team

In the year 2000 a remarkable transformation occured around the church. What had been a barren paved area suddenly became a place of beauty. That the transformation happened during the Jubilee year was an added bonus. The team that worked on this project worked extremely hard, but like all projects this one did not finish when the last plants were put in and the last bricks laid. 

Today the team do a tremendous job keeping the front, sides and the Church garden looking spectacular especially during the Spring and Summer months. As well as maintaining the gardens upkeep, the team help to maintain the area clean and tidy by picking up the litter on a regular basis. Come and enjoy our pretty, peaceful garden. 

If you have green fingers perhaps this is the ministry for you. Please contact the presbytery (parish office) if you'd like to join our team.