Parish Teams

A Church needs more than just money donations to make it work well, it also needs people to take a share in the service and make everything run smoothly by becoming more actively involved.  At Our Lady of Fatima we encourage our parishioners to participate and take on key parish roles and we're very fortunate to have a great diversity of people with many talents. 

Every parishioner who volunteers to help with our parish needs does so by contributing their time, talents and skills for the benefit of our Church and its parishioners. We have quite a few Groups and Ministries which reflect their valuable contribution and many of these Groups/Teams are always in need of and welcome new members. 

Of course in a large parish, that does require a lot of volunteers. Below are just a number of the Teams you are able to get involved with - we also have a number of Ministry Groups too. If you are thinking of joining, do have a browse through each one to see which ones would suit your availability and match your talents - just how much you get involved is entirely up to you. Any type of help you can offer, no matter how little time it is, is always very much appreciated - you'll soon find out that you get so much joy from doing so!

It is often said... 
"If many would do a little, then nobody would be overburdened."

Please see links below for more details and to find out how you too can participate.

If you're interested in volunteering and joining any of our fabulous teams please contact the presbytery (parish office).