Readers are entrusted and responsible for sharing God's Word by reading excerpts from the sacred scripture aloud to the congregation during masses and liturgical celebrations. 

Reading at Church is both a challenge and a privilege and these readers are normally volunteers who are truly suited for this calling to carry out this special task. They are fully prepared through prayer and are assigned to read the Word of God at specific masses. They can be male or female and wear ordinary but appropriate attire.

Readers will take turns, rotating during the course of the month.

There was a time when the Liturgy of the Word was reserved only for bishops, priests and deacons to read.

Preparation for Readers:

The reader should practice their scripture/psalms by reading it beforehand to familiarise themselves with the text and any difficult words so that they are able to portray their understanding of it when reading it to others.

The reader should always be comfortable and confident when reading their scripture reading. A reading will be better understood by the congregation if it is read clearly, loudly and slowly and paused in the right places. The context of the reading will determine how it should be read.

At Our Lady of Fatima we have a number of bidding prayer readers too with many reading prayers in their national language. We have such a wonderful multi-national community, it's an extremely fascinating experience when hearing so many fantastic and diverse languages under one roof. When reading their prayers, bidding prayer readers should adhere to the same principles as our main readers.

If you would like to be considered in becoming a reader please contact the presbytery (parish office).

Note to Our Lady of Fatima Readers:  A hard copy of the latest rota can be collected from the Sacristy.