Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers (officially known as the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Non-ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry) assist priests with administering the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Our ministers assist with distributing Holy Communion (the Body and Blood of the Lord) bread and wine to parishioners at all our masses as well as to the sick and housebound who are unable to attend mass

The number of ministers has risen over the years due to them becoming a necessity in many large parishes and because of the popularity in participating in this service. 

In our parish we now have around 40 eucharistic ministers who have received spiritual and practical preparation to fulfil their roles and service. Normally, 5 eucharistic ministers are required to help serve during our 11am Sunday masses and a lesser number at the others.

Please contact the presbytery (parish office) to find out more about this ministry.

Note to Our Lady of Fatima Eucharistic Ministers:  A hard copy of the latest rota can be collected from the Sacristy.

Housebound & Hospital Group

We also have an extraordinary group of Ministers who make regular visits to parishioners who are sick or physically challenged and unable to attend mass. They serve the Eucharist in hospital or at home and offer love, comfort and compassion which the presence of Christ brings, as well as continue the link with the parish community.

But we can’t do this unless we know who needs us! So if you know of someone who would like a visit or you would like a visit yourself, then please get in touch with us by contacting the presbytery (parish office).