Cleaning Team

Our church always looks spotlessly clean with all the furniture gleaming, however, this does not happen by itself. Keeping God's house looking beautiful and in order is a worthwhile and blessed task and we have a wonderful team who volunteer on a regular basis to do this. 

Currently our team consists of around 14 members, split into four teams, who are dedicated in the cleaning of the Church pews and Sanctuary, the Sacristy and the Chapel, we also presently have one member who cleans the presbytery (parish office). 

We are always in need of increasing our cleaning team as the task in hand is not a small one and we would really appreciate more volunteers in helping with this great cause. 

The Church Cleaning Team, led by Sylvie, is scheduled to clean on Friday's from 1pm and Saturday's from 10.15am on a once a month rota basis but sometimes more often during special celebrations.

Anyone interested in even an hour a month should contact the presbytery (parish office).

Note to Our Lady of Fatima Cleaning Team:  A hard copy of the latest rota can be collected from the Sacristy.