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Meditation Group

Meditation Group

Meditation is a very special and unique method of praying and connecting with God, which allows you to bring your mind, body, soul and spirit closer to His presence. This type of silent prayer and listening to God's word is an ancient Christian tradition originating from around the 4th century.

Christian Catholic meditation is a completely different experience to those of Eastern religions where their meditation traditions encourage to empty the mind. Christian Catholic meditation, on the other hand, encourages a very active and open mind, allowing it to receive messages from God and to surrender to Him in stillness.

Our Meditation Group is a small group who meets on a weekly basis. The group is guided by our group leader Gabriel who directs the group through the meditation hour. Our sessions begin with relaxing and peaceful music, which is played intermittently throughout the session, followed by a short prayer. Thereafter, a recorded talk is played and next our members observe a silent period of meditation for around 40 minutes in a candlelit room reciting the mantra 'Maranatha' - allowing a time for reflection, peace and healing. The session ends with a final prayer.

The meaning of Maranatha: 
Jesus Christ is the perfect Son of God.
Jesus Christ came to Earth and lived a sinless life.
Jesus was crucified and died on the cross.
Jesus was buried in a tomb and three days later rose from the dead.
Jesus ascended into Heaven.
One day, Jesus will return to call the dead in Christ to be with Him, and save the living who believe.
Our Lord HAS come and WILL come again!
He could come at any time. Make sure you are ready.

A very important element, which leads the meditation experience, is the subject of the recordings played during our sessions. Christian authors and leaders talk about the Holy scriptures which helps the group focus and receive answers from God regarding the subject of the day. By spending time meditating, our members enjoy peace and tranquility. This enables them to clear their minds of all distractions and to connect deeper within their souls, in silence and stillness with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Our Meditation group exercises the following practises:

OPENING PRAYER                    

Heavenly Father, open our hearts to the silent presence of the spirit of your Son. Lead us into that mysterious silence where your love is revealed to all who call. Maranatha... Come, Lord Jesus.

Music is played...
Followed by a recorded talk....
Followed by forty minutes silent meditation...


Sit down. Sit still and upright. Close your eyes lightly. Sit relaxed but alert. Silently, interiorly begin to say a single word. We recommend the prayer-phrase, 'Maranatha' Recite it as four syllables of equal length. Listen to it as you say it, gently but continuously. Do not think or imagine anything-spiritual or otherwise. If thoughts and images come, these are distractions at the time of meditation, so keep returning to simply saying the word. Meditate each morning and evening for between twenty and thirty minutes.


May this group be a true spiritual home for the seeker, a friend for the lonely, a guide for the confused.

May those who pray here be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to serve all who come and to receive them as Christ himself. In the silence of this room may all the suffering, violence and confusion of the world encounter the power that will console, renew and uplift the human spirit.

May this silence be a power to open the hearts of men and women to the vision of God, and so to each other, in love and peace, justice and human dignity. May the beauty of the Divine Life fill this group and the hearts of all who pray here with joyful hope.

May all who come here weighed down by the problems of humanity, leave, giving thanks for the wonder of human life. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.

Followed by the Year of Mercy prayer.

There is no obligation to attend every meeting - feel free to join us whenever you are able to.

If you are interested in participating just pop along or if you need further information, please contact the presbytery (parish office).