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Charismatic Prayer Group

Charismatic Prayer Group

Our Charistmatic Prayer Group is a very prayerful and spiritual group who meet weekly to offer praise and thanks to Jesus, placing an emphasis on their relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit through prayer, teaching and worship. The prayer meetings are very vibrant and lively with lots of enthusiasm, joy, music and song which help lift the hearts of those present. 

Listening to the Lord is the foundation of the Charismatic prayer meeting and the group seeks guidance from the Holy Spirit so that He leads the meeting and enables them to share His words. It is said that Charismatic Prayer Groups receive Spiritual Gifts during this time which can include: Faith, knowledge and wisdom, gift and interpretation of tongues, miracles, prophecy and the discernment of spirits and healing.

The group begins the evening by praying the rosary in the church and then move into the chapel for more prayers and much singing. A time of silence is then held in order to receive the Holy Spirit and those present are encouraged to share the words and thoughts spoken to them. Amazingly, these messages are normally linked to the scriptures which are read soon after.

The group is led by Fr Ephrem who teaches through the study of the scriptures which are read aloud, reflected upon and discussed by the group. They listen to other people's testimonies and learn from and support each other. In addition to this, there is more singing and faith healing, empowering prayers for the world, the Church, parishioners, the sick, families, etc. No two meetings are ever the same.

Group members come from all types of backgrounds and people will express their love for the Lord in many different ways. Do not be alarmed or afraid when you hear the majority praying in tongues (unusual sounds/unusual languages). Others will lift up their hands showing their affection for God more openly and you will also hear people saying 'Praise the Lord', 'Hallelujah' or 'Amen' out loud.

Nevertheless, you only need to express yourself in whichever way you feel comfortable whilst respecting others on the way they pray. This experience will help you discover the love of God in a deeper and more profound way and may even help you with inner healing, just allow yourself to be open to receiving the Holy Spirit. The Charismatic Prayer Group is a friendly & welcoming bunch -  All are invited to join!

The Charismatic Prayer Group meets on Mondays 7pm for Rosary in the Church & 7.30pm in the Chapel. On the first Monday of every month Holy Mass is held replacing Bible scripture study on that day. 

If you are interested in participating just pop along or if you need further information please contact the presbytery (parish office).