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The 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

posted 7 Jul 2019, 01:17 by Marie Claire

Living the Faith we are to Preach

In today’s Gospel Jesus, on his final journey to Jerusalem, sends out a great crowd of 72 disciples to preach and heal in his name. In fact, Jesus sees these 72 as amounting to only ‘a few’. As they go they are to “…ask the Lord of the harvest to send out more labourers into his harvest.” They may be the first to announce the Good News of the Gospel to these towns and villages – but they are not meant to be the last! We see from this that at the heart of Christian discipleship is Christ’s urgent call for us to be evangelisers – people who bring others to Christ. Human beings are not created to live alone: we are to live in real relationship with each other. As a bird cannot fly with one wing, so we cannot practise our faith alone – we are all called to build up that community which we call the Church and this is a responsibility and mission for us all – not only for the Pope, bishops and priests!

But there will be opposition. Just as Jesus himself experienced, so the disciples will know what it means to be “lambs in the midst of wolves”. We see this reality in the lives of so many Christians in our world today – from the Middle East, across Africa and into many parts of Asia where Christians are often targeted for persecution. But, whatever, the opposition, like those first 72, we are to continue Christ’s mission, by being Christ to others. It is interesting that Christ’s final instructions to the 72 are more about their lifestyle than the words they are to preach. They are to live simply, to travel lightly and trust in God’s providence – this shows us that the Christian message must be lived before it is preached. We are to reveal Christ in the way we live. They/we are to go out with the gentleness/innocence of the lamb rather than the violence /stealth of the wolf. We should be able to say of each other: “What you are thunders so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying!”

With warmest wishes & prayers from Fr Richard, Fr Ephrem & the parish team