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posted 16 May 2017, 14:36 by Our Lady of Fatima Church - White City London   [ updated 16 May 2017, 14:38 ]

St Jacinta! St Francisco!

What a time of grace and blessing! I am writing these words shortly after Pope Francis has concluded the Mass of Canonisation for St Francisco and St Jacinta of Fatima, as we should now call them. A HUGE “thank you” (or ‘obrigado’ as they say in Portugal) to everyone who has been a part of the last 48 hours of celebration here in our little Fatima of White City. We began so beautifully with a special Mass with all the children and staff from St John XXIII school on Friday morning, which included three of our Portuguese children dressed as Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, finishing with a beautiful procession with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima from the church into the school. Then we began our “24 Hours before the Lord” with 24 hours of continuous adoration before the Blessed Sacrament in the church. Thank you to all of you who came during the day and also at night – see the photos on our parish Facebook page to see just how beautiful it was. Adoration is such a gift for those who come and for the parish – we will be doing more!

Finally we gathered together in the church this Saturday morning to celebrate our parish Our Lady of Fatima feast day Mass – but this year with a difference as we joined together via satellite link-up with Pope Francis’ own celebration of Mass. It was SO moving to see the huge crowds (including four of our parishioners) gathered together with Pope Francis to proclaim the two youngest shepherd children, Jacinta and Francisco, as saints of the Church – the two youngest saints ever. We have so much to learn from these two amazing children – their love of Jesus and the Eucharist, their contemplative and compassionate hearts, their self-giving and self-sacrificing to save others, their love of Our Lady/the Rosary. What an incredible blessing for our parish – we now have 3 heavenly patrons watching over us (and “St Lucia”, God willing, still to join them!). What a grace! We are truly “most blessed” among parishes!

With Easter blessings & prayers from Fr Richard, Fr Ephrem & parish team