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posted 10 Mar 2018, 12:11 by Our Lady of Fatima Church - White City London   [ updated 10 Mar 2018, 12:12 ]


What a contrast this week’s Gospel is to last week’s Gospel. Last Sunday we followed Jesus into the Jerusalem Temple, packed with Passover pilgrims, and watched him turn up the heat by driving out the animal traders and overturning the tables of the money changers. He was enraged that his Father’s house had been turned into a market. Imagine the commotion, the chaos, the screaming and squawking! This week we are still in Jerusalem but now in a place as far from all that noise and anger as can be imagined. We find Jesus late that same night in a secret location, perhaps outside the city walls, resting with the disciples under the night sky. Listen to that stillness & silence, calm & quiet!

Suddenly out of the shadows appears one of the leading Pharisees called Nicodemus who comes to visit Jesus. He does this in secret because he knows that many of the other Jewish leaders want to kill Jesus for what he has done and for the threat he poses to their authority. But Nicodemus is different – he recognises that God’s own power is working in Jesus. He is fascinated by Jesus and wants to find out for himself who he really is. Imagine their hushed conversation – perhaps just the two of them awake while everyone else sleeps, exhausted after all the drama of this unforgettable day. Nicodemus is a seeker – a seeker for the truth and his search leads him to Jesus. 

And in that midnight hour Jesus reveals to Nicodemus the deepest truth – “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” Jesus then invites Nicodemus to “come to the light” – to step out of the shadows and live fully in God’s love. This will not be an easy journey for Nicodemus but we will see beneath the cross how he finally steps out into the light to hold Jesus’s dead body and carry him to the tomb. This is the invitation of Lent for us all – to let go of our fears and ask God for the grace of total trust and faith in Jesus.

With blessings and prayers from Fr Richard, Fr Ephrem & the parish team.