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Support Groups

Support Groups

Our Lady of Fatima is truly blessed by the richness and the variety of our many Support Groups. All are welcome and encouraged to fulfill their calling to be a fully participating member of the congregation. 

Please use the links below to find out how you can participate.

The Cenacle Group brings together prayer and prayer in action through working together for a fairer and more just and peaceful world. Meets on the first Sunday of the month at 4pm - in the Chapel.

Come and pray/reflect together with others on the Word of God. It normally meets on the first Sunday of each month after 6pm Mass in the Chapel. (Next meeting TBC)

Meets on the first Monday of the month at 7.30pm in the Presbytery.

Meets on the last Sunday of the month, after 11.00am Mass in the Chapel.

If you're interested in volunteering and joining one of our support groups, please feel free to come along at the specified time or for more information, please contact the presbytery (parish office).