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  • 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    Do not be afraid

    Which command do you think is most repeated in the Bible? You might think it is something stern like “Repent” or “Pray more!” but no, it’s the command which we hear Jesus say three times to the disciples in today’s Gospel – “Do not be afraid”. This phrase apparently occurs 365 times in the whole Bible – one time for every day of the year!
    Why does Jesus say this to the disciples? Because this is a very significant moment for them in their journey of formation. They have witnessed many of Jesus’ spectacular miracles and listened to his inspiring/challenging teaching and so now it is time for them to go out on mission in Jesus’ name. He makes it clear that they will experience opposition even persecution for the message which they will preach. And yet, they should not be afraid… Why not? Jesus’ explanation is not what we might expect –  he doesn’t say “My Father will protect you” or something like that. No, Jesus makes it clear that they will not be protected from suffering but that in the end the truth will be revealed – “everything will be uncovered”. So their faithfulness, courage and perseverance will emerge into the light even if in the short term they suffer for these things. Jesus however does reveal that there is something to be afraid of  - the powers of darkness which seek to destroy us in our body and our soul. 
    But at the same time, to balance that fear – indeed to outweigh it completely – Jesus speaks about the personal and detailed love of God. He uses the striking image that just as God notices every sparrow in the sky so he is aware of every hair on our heads! Jesus is saying that just as there is nothing too great which God cannot do so there is nothing too small in our lives for him to care about. God knows and cares about the details of our lives. Yes, we will face trials and temptations, especially when we take the risk to stand up for the truth. But we should always remember that the One we are serving is always stronger than the strongest opponent we might ever meet. So – do not be afraid!
    With blessings & prayers from Fr Richard, Fr Ephrem & the parish team

    Posted 25 Jun 2017, 01:05 by Our Lady of Fatima Church - White City London
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