Throughout the ages the worshiping community has traditionally supported the Church. We are therefore most grateful to those who still continue to give generously, big or small, through the Offertory contributions as well as special donations.  These contributions pay for bills such as heating, lighting, maintenance of the building and grounds and upkeep of the Church and Presbytery. Catholic parishes in England do not receive State funding so we reply on Offertory collections to meet all running costs.

Our Planned Giving Scheme is essential for the finances/budget planning of the parish and we are very thankful to all who support the parish in this way with weekly Offertory donations. You may also like to consider giving by weekly or monthly Standing Order via your bank. One big advantage of this for the parish is that it keeps your contributions constant even when you cannot be in church on a particular Sunday. 

Also, if you are a UK tax payer, please consider joining the Gift Aid Scheme. For every £1 you contribute, the Government will give us an extra 25p at no extra cost to yourself. Last year, thanks to those who gift-aided their contributions, we received over £6,000 from the tax man!

Envelopes are issued to those who wish to sign up to our Planned Giving Scheme. If you would like to start using the envelopes, please complete a pledge card from the back of the church and place it in the box provided - you have complete control over your contribution amount and frequency.

Finally, whilst we encourage all parishioners to use Offertory Envelopes as it's a great way to help our parish finances, we do not want anyone to give more money than they can afford. We are aware that many of you are affected very badly by the current economic climate. So please, do not feel under pressure to contribute more. 

Many thanks!

If you are new to the parish or changed address please inform the presbytery (parish office).

Please see below list of other Donations/Thank You's for 2016-2018.

2019 Donations/Thank You's

posted 3 Feb 2019, 07:22 by Our Lady of Fatima Church - White City London   [ updated 16 Sep 2019, 03:12 ]

A HUGE “THANK YOU” to our CHILDREN’S LITURGY TEAM – this weekend is the last Sunday 11am Mass until early September with a special children’s liturgy during the Mass. I would just like to say a massive word of thanks for our team of children’s liturgy catechists who have prepared and led brilliant sessions Sunday after Sunday since last September. This is a wonderful gift to the children and families of the parish. If anyone would be interested in joining the team from September please see Fr Richard. All volunteers must receive Safeguarding clearance.

PARISH CONSULTATION on the PARISH CENTRE – thank you to all of you who took part in our initial consultation on how the parish centre could be improved. Watch this space!

MISSIO RED BOXES – Thank you to all who returned their boxes. Please collect from back of the church. Others can still return their box!

MARY’s MEALS TABLE TOP SALE – Huge thanks to all who were a part of the table top sale last Saturday/Sunday. The wonderful news is that we raised £805.60, which means that we have reached our £4,000 target for July 2018-June 2019 to sponsor the children of Mongola school, Malawi. Thank you SO much for your continued support of this wonderful project.

PENTECOST CAKE SALE - Many thanks to those who bought cakes at the Pentecost sale last week Sunday. We raised £220.00 for our Mary’s Meals school sponsorship project in Malawi – our best ever Sunday cake sale result!

LIVESIMPLY FEEDBACK: Thank you to all who joined us for our meeting to discuss what our LIVESIMPLY parish projects might be. We had some inspired ideas – centring on initiatives to reduce/use food waste, promote better understanding & practice of recycling and responding better to the needs of those in our own community. We will soon have the full list of possible projects ready & will be asking you to get involved! 

Thank you to all who took part in our survey last weekend on new ways of giving in the parish. 

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who in so many different ways has contributed to making our parish celebration of Holy Week and the Triduum such a truly wonderful experience. In a special way, thank you to our musicians, altar servers, flower team, readers, cleaners, Eucharistic ministers and our events team for giving so magnificently of their time and talents. God bless you all and A BLESSED EASTER TO ALL!

CAFOD LENTEN COLLECTION: CAFOD’s focus this Lent is on the effects of global warming on people’s lives in some of the poorest countries on earth. Droughts, floods and storms are having a devastating impact, especially the poor. Thank you for your donations – we managed to break through the £1,000 barrier! Thank to everyone who contributed.

MARY’S MEALS DONATIONS - Thank you to all who donated to make the most of the UK government’s pledge to double any money given by March 1st. We were able to send almost £3,000 to Mary’s Meals, which included money from our sponsored walk/run last autumn. HUGE thanks!

TABLE TOP SALE - We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the table-top sale last weekend. We raised a huge total of £769.46, which will be divided between Fr Elias, Fr Joseph and CAFOD. Thank you!

“THANK YOU” for THE THANKING CROSS…and to everyone who came to pray before this extraordinary cross during its 12 days with us. Its presence was such a blessing for our parish and it was very moving to watch a people of all ages praying so powerfully around it. Vitaliy has also asked us to thank everyone for the warmth of welcome he received here. The cross is now in Balham & comes to Westminster Cathedral in early April.

NEW NEWSLETTER HOLDERS – We hope you like the new wooden holders for our weekly newsletter. These have been made special for us by a young parishioner, Joe Allison – very much a labour of love. Thank you Joe!

The WEEK of PRAYER for CHRISTIAN UNITY – huge thanks to all our parishioners who took part so faithfully in these 8 days of prayer together with the community of St Michael and St George Anglican Church. Fr Ben has asked me to pass on his great thanks and also to all who came and enjoyed the really wonderful Ceilidh on Friday evening. We would like to organise a St Patrick’s Day celebration together – would anyone like to help with this?

MANY THANKS to the GOOD COUNSEL NETWORK! Last weekend we were blessed with the visit of Andrea and other members of the Good Counsel Team, who do amazing work supporting mothers to go through with their pregnancies. Andrea has asked me to thank the parish for your great support – she said the team came away from the parish feeling really encouraged and strengthened. There are still some of their resources available in the porch and please see their excellent website: for more information on their great/urgent work. Please keep them in your prayers.

STAR OF WONDER PARTY - A HUGE “thank you” to everyone who was a part of our parish party – a real night to remember and the beginning of a new parish tradition! It is wonderful just simply to be able to celebrate together.

2018 Donations/Thank You's

posted 21 Jan 2018, 09:55 by Our Lady of Fatima Church - White City London   [ updated 3 Feb 2019, 07:26 ]

A HUGE CHRISTMAS “THANK YOU”!!! - A HUGE word of gratitude to everyone who has contributed in so many different ways to our celebration of Advent and Christmas this year here in the parish. It has been a really blessed time with lots of people coming to church including lots of new faces which is great news. All of this has been made possible by all your help – you give so generously of your time and talents and so bring our parish alive. And also to all of you for your Christmas cards, beautiful words and wishes and very thoughtful and generous presents – we are very touched indeed. God bless you all!

CATHOLIC CHILDREN'S SOCIETY - We have received a warm message of sincere thanks from the CATHOLIC CHILDREN’s SOCIETY for the large donation of Christmas presents for local children from needy families. You can still make a donation for the Catholic Children’s Society’s work in the wall safe next to the crib.

HOPE IN WHITE CITY – A COMMUNITY ADVENT SERVICE Again, another word of thanks to all who were a part of our really powerful and moving Advent service on Thursday evening. It was a wonderful celebration of our local community and our friendship with St Michael & St George church. 

CHRISTMAS FAIR – A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped with this year’s fair last Sunday in so many different ways – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in the parish centre at the same time! There was a really beautiful spirit at the fair and we also raised over £1,200! We also raised over £150 for Mary’s Meals, including one donation of £100. Thank you so much.

PAULINE BOOKS & MEDIA VISIT – the Pauline Sisters who visited us last Sunday have sent a beautiful card with deep thanks for the welcome they received and for all your support. They will be back before Easter!

TOASTER - Thank you to the several parishioners who so kindly brought a toaster to replace our broken presbytery toaster. You are wonderful!

SICK & RETIRED PRIESTS - Many thanks. Thank you also for your donations for the Sick and Retired Priests special collection which so far total £465.00.

WORLD DAY OF THE POOR - Thank you to all of you who responded to Pope Francis’ invitation to remember “the cry of the poor” by bringing a contribution for our local Food Bank. We collected 5 large boxes of food, which is urgently needed. Please keep it going! It would be so good if as many of us as possible could remember to bring something every week.

THANK YOU CHRIS, MARLENE, ANTONIA and ASTA! For organising and leading the most beautiful concert in our parish centre last Friday evening. It is an evening which will long stay in our memories – huge thanks to the superb musicians who filled the hall with such powerful and moving music. We also raised over £300 for local mental health charities & Mary’s Meals.

TABLE TOP SALE – a HUGE “thank you” to all who took part in last weekend’s table top sale. We raised almost £800 for our parish charities!

MARY'S MEALS SPONSORED WALK/RUN - Huge “thank you” to everyone who took part in our sponsored walk/run Saturday 29th September to raise money for our Mary’s Meals project. You are awesome!

MISSIO RED BOX HOLDERSThank you for your donations and returning your boxes, please collect your emptied named box from the sacristy. 

CATHOLIC BIBLE WEEKEND - And finally: a HUGE “thank you” to David, Sarah & Molly from the Catholic Bible School for leading us last weekend in our Catholic Bible retreat, and to all of you who have taken part in it. We are delighted to announce that, following this retreat, we will be starting a regular parish Bible study group. This will meet in “seasons” of 3 or 4 sessions looking together at different parts of the Bible. Our first season will be on the Gospel of Luke. The two possible days/times are Tuesday evenings 7-8pm or Sundays after the 11am Mass (about 12.45–1.45pm). Which would be better for you? Watch this space!

CAFOD HARVEST DAY COLLECTION – Many thanks for over £650.00 donated so far – we will keep this collection open for one last week.

MARY’S MEALS RAGS to RICHES COLLECTION. A huge “thank you” to all of you who brought bags of clothes etc… for our latest collection. We managed to collect 640 kg of unwanted clothes making a total contribution of £307.20. This amount will feed 22 children who will not only get fed one good, nutritious meal every school day for a whole year, but they will get an education too. Little acts of love can make a big difference! 

BIBLE BENCHES - Thank you to everyone who suggested their favourite Bible quotations to be included as plaques on our new parish benches. The four most popular quotations suggested were:

1) Love one another as I have loved you.
2) For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son…
3) Come to me all who are overburdened and I will give you rest.
4) This is what God asks of us – that we act justly, love tenderly and walk 
humbly with our God.

We now need to cement the benches into the ground.

STAINED GLASS WINDOW – Many thanks once again to all who gave us your feedback on the proposed designs for stained glass windows next to the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Fatima statues in the church. Mark Cazalet, our artist/designer, is now doing his best to incorporate as much of your feedback as possible into the final design. Just in case anyone missed this in August, we have received sponsorship for this beautiful project from a parishioner – the windows are designed as an act of thanksgiving for the canonisation of Sts Jacinta and Francisco last year. 

CONFIRMATION CELEBRATION – Warmest congratulations to our 21 Confirmation Candidates who were confirmed by Bishop John Wilson. It was a really beautiful (if very warm!) celebration and HUGE thanks to all who were a part of it, as well as to our wonderful team of catechists who have worked so hard with the group over the last 9 months

MARY'S MEALS UPDATE – We can share the wonderful news that we have successfully surpassed our target raising £4359 over the last 12 months for our partner school – Mongola Primary School in Malawi. HUGE thanks to all of your great support of this project and for all who have contributed to this wonderful project in so many different ways over the last 12 months. This is a beautiful thing we have done together.

Also a big thank you to all who have continued to support our sponsored Spinathon – the latest figure for the amount raised is an amazing £805.06!

ALL NIGHT VIGIL OF PRAYER - HUGE thanks to everyone who joined us last Friday night for this all-night vigil of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, between the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It was such a blessed time and it was great to see so many people coming to be a part of this. Thank you!

MILL HILL MISSIONARY APPEAL – Fr Emmanuel Mbeh of the Mill Hill Missionary Fathers has asked us to thank you for your warm welcome last weekend. He enjoyed his stay in the parish very much. Thank you also for all who registered to support their work through the Red Boxes. It would be very helpful if everyone who has been using a Red Box for some time could bring them to the parish office of sacristy for emptying – please ensure that your name is on the bottom of the box. See Julia or Gillian for more information. 

CARDINAL'S LENTEN APPEAL donations, we have managed to collect £285.53.

PRIEST TRAINING FUND COLLECTION – Many thanks for all the donations so far. We will hold this open for another week. To support the Priest Training Fund, which pays for the priestly formation of men for the Catholic priesthood. There are 45 men currently studying at Allen Hall seminary, 28 for our own Diocese. Last year 8 Westminster men were ordained to the priesthood to serve as our future priests. Your gift ensures we can provide training for these men responding to Christ’s call to dedicate their lives to serve God’s people. Please be as generous as you can. Please also pray for vocations and for all our priests. You can donate online anytime at 

MARY'S MEALS - Thank you also for the recent £284.18 second collection for our Mary’s Meals partnership project with the Mongola primary school in Malawi.  We have received an additional £163.80 in recent days – this is really appreciated!

MARY’S MEALS RAGS to RICHES collection last weekend – many thanks for the 186 bags of clothes which you brought for the Mary’s Meals “Rags to Riches”. This equalled to 919kg of clothes.  This means that by collecting the clothes we raised a further £514.64 for the work of Mary’s Meals. This amount is enough to feed 37 children for a year - who will not only receive a nutritious meal every school day for the whole year, but they will also receive an education. Thank you all so much for your contributions!!   
TABLE TOP SALE – A HUGE ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported this two weekends ago – we raised a truly wonderful £717.15 for Fr Joseph, Fr Elias and Mary’s Meals! Our next table top sale will be at the end of June.

CAFOD - Thank you also to all the children/ families for their Lenten Smartie tubes to support Mary’s Meals/CAFOD.

WHITE CITY FOOD BANK GREAT NEWS! – We have received the great news that since last December our parish has donated over one tonne of food – 1067kg to be precise. Thank you SO much to all of you who regularly donate – this is something for us to be very proud of. Please continue to bring in any food donations you can as the need as greater and greater. Also, if you know of anyone in the local community who is really struggling, our parish is a voucher distributor. Simply come to the presbytery and ask to see Fr Richard or Julia. 

CONSULTATION ON THE “OVER 50’s BUILDING” – thank you to all of you who came to have a look round the Over 50’s building and gardens in New Zealand Way on Friday/Saturday. It was great that so many of those who came to the consultation were our parishioners! There is clearly a lot of interest amongst local residents to work together to bring this great building back into community use. The decision now lies largely with the local council but this week’s great response to the consultation will hopefully have a big impact. 

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who in so many different ways has contributed to making our parish celebration of Holy Week and the Triduum such a truly wonderful experience. It is always dangerous to thank specific people (!) but on behalf of us all, I would like to thank our musicians, altar servers, flower arrangers, readers, cleaners and Eucharistic ministers for giving so magnificently of their time and talents in recent days. And congratulations once again to all those baptised, received and confirmed at the Easter Vigil. Welcome! WISHING YOU ALL A JOYFUL AND BLESSED EASTER!

SPUC - Many thanks for all those who contributed to the collection for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). This raised £201.50

2017 Donations/Thank You's

posted 24 Oct 2017, 05:41 by Our Lady of Fatima Church - White City London   [ updated 13 Oct 2018, 02:18 ]


A HUGE word of gratitude to everyone who has contributed in so many different ways to our celebration of Advent and Christmas this year here in the parish. It has been a really blessed time made possible by all your help – you give so generously of your time and talents and so bring our parish alive! And also to all of you for your Christmas cards, beautiful words and wishes and very thoughtful presents – we are very touched indeed. God bless you all!


Thank you SO much firstly to everyone who helped with this year’s fair – all your hard work and commitment is very much appreciated. And thank you also for all of you who came to enjoy the fair – although the weather outside was “challenging” with snow and freezing cold it was lovely to see you all enjoying the warmth and the joy of the fair together.


We collected £388.69 for the Catholic Children’s Society from the Christmas Crib and New Year’s Eve Mass. Thank you! Huge thanks also for all the toys you brought the children for Christmas.


The final total raised was a wonderful £1,200 – which will pay for exactly 200 new hymn books for the church in the New Year. Thank you once again to everyone who played their part in this. Congratulations also to all our raffle winners – all winners have been informed.

MISSIO - Dec 17

CORRECTION: We raised £255.00 from the recent MISSIO collection. The total collected through the MISSIO Red Boxes this year was a wonderful £1031 – a fantastic effort, thank you to everyone who kindly donated.


John Ravi from Aid to the Church in Need spoke at all Masses last weekend. This extraordinary charity has been working since after the Second World War to bring material and spiritual help to persecuted Christians around the world. Their work has never been more important than it is now. See to see the urgent work they do. Thank you also for your recent donations for Aid to the Church in Need which totalled £275.00 – very much appreciated indeed! 


To support the basic needs of the sick and retired clergy of our diocese. Your donations help ensure these men who’ve given their lives to the Church are provided for in their elderly and infirm years. The total raised for the Sick and Retired Priests collection was £390.00

ROMERO - A Night to Remember!

Thank you to all of you who joined us on Friday evening for the performance by RISE theatre of their incredibly powerful and moving play about Blessed Oscar Romero. Having sold only 2 tickets with a week to go (!) it was a joy when over 100 people of different ages came for the performance – we almost ran out of chairs! I am sure that for all who saw the play, it will remain with us for many years to come. Oscar Romero helped the voiceless, poor & oppressed majority of El Salvador find their voice and gave them fresh hope in one of the darkest hours of their history. Here are some more of his inspiring words:
“The citizen of heaven must first be a good citizen on earth. Those who want to take part in the promises of eternity must firstly collaborate with God in justice, peace and love in this kingdom of earth.”
“We must create a society in which peace is not simply the silence of cemeteries but where peace is the joyful dynamic of a God of peace.”

THANK YOU FROM FR JOSEPH – Fr Joseph has now left after this a three-week holiday with us. During this time we have managed to raise over £1600 to support his parish work back home in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Huge thanks to all who have contributed to this via the recent Table Top Sale, Quiz Night and Friends of Abeokuta meeting. 


HUGE thanks to everyone who helped with these two events of the last week to raise funds for Fr Joseph’s parish in Abeokuta and Fr Elias’s parish in Tanzania. We raised over £1000 at the table top sale and about £400 at the Quiz Night – awesome!


Thank you to everyone who took part in the International Quiz Night on Friday 10 Nov. There were some ingenious names thought up on the evening, including:

·         Team Supreme
·         Strategic Solutions
·         3 & 5
·         Lucian Pols
·         Chelsea
·         Hot to Trots
·         Team Blessed Adrian
·         St Peter
·         Jesus is my Homeboy

The quiz led evening took teams through a set of 5 rounds plus a Bonus Round.  A bring and share of delicious dishes included noodles, Australian salad, and spicy fish (which Fr Joseph cooked specially for the night) as well as cakes and desserts. After Round 3, Fr Joseph said grace before the meal and later gave a talk about how Our Lady of Fatima has been a long-standing source of support for its sister Parish in Abeokuta. At the end of the night, concluding with the last 2 rounds and the bonus round, the team with the winning score and duly awarded the winners’ trophy was Team Blessed Adrian and Fr Richard presented a range of prizes to everyone who took part.

It was a pleasure to have been quiz master and present the quiz, which took some time to compile.  Special thanks go to Eric and Elroy for providing music and IT technical support (scoreboard program from Mark Destouches) throughout the evening, but the biggest thanks  once again goes to everyone who took part in making the night a huge success! - Elizabeth Uwalaka


HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed in so many different ways to our Special Weekend Celebration. It was a way of giving thanks to God for the gift and graces of this year & for the gift of our parish community.
We were also delighted to welcome the beautiful statue of St Anthony to the church, which you will find next to the Sacred Heart statue on the right hand side of the church. We don’t have a church which has lots of spaces designed for statues so please don’t all start bringing in statues of your favourite saint! But St Anthony is a saint to whom I know many of you have a particular devotion and he is also the patron saint of Portugal, having been born and spent much of his early life in Lisbon. He also has a strong link with Fatima – the parish church where the three shepherd children were baptised and worshiped is dedicated to St Anthony. A huge thanks to the statue’s generous donor. 
We also celebrated the opening of our parish Fatima Peace Garden, situated on the strip of land between the church and the school playground. Over the last year a dedicated team of volunteers has been transforming this space, so that parishioners can enjoy a real oasis of peace and also to encourage local wildlife. HUGE THANKS to everyone who has been a part of this and we hope that you all enjoy our new parish garden!


Many thanks for your donations to support missionaries and the Church around the world proclaiming the peace and love of Christ. Missio, the Pope’s charity for overseas mission, supports the Church in countries too poor to support itself. This year our prayers/donations focus on the people of South Sudan. See


Thank you for your donations in support of CAFOD’s great work.


Thank you to all of you who brought in bags of clothes, shoes... The wonderful news is that our 890 kgs of clothes raised £498.20 for Mary’s Meals! Thank you SO much ☺


Many thanks for your generous donations – we were able to send the Catholic Children’s Society a cheque for £508.53. St John XXIII school also sent a cheque for £516.20 so between us we raised over £1000 – thank you.


Thank you for all your generous donations – much appreciated! If anyone would like to add to this please speak to Fr Richard. There are now a lot of large bills to pay!


Many thanks! We raised £95.00.


The Pentecost Cake Sale raised £165.00– huge thanks to all who baked, brought and bought cakes! ☺ 


Thank you also for the £495.00 raised for the Priests’ Training Fund to help support the 39 men currently in training for our diocese – much appreciated.


A HUGE ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported this – we raised a truly wonderful £701 for Fr Elias in Tanzania and Mary’s Meals! We will be having more table top sales in the future!


Thank you for all who donated – so we raised a wonderful £805.00. We have sent the final collection in response to CAFOD’s emergency appeal to help millions affected by the famine in Central/Eastern Africa. Severe drought, lack of food and civil war mean that over 16 million people across South Sudan, Somalia, northern Kenya and Ethiopia are facing starvation. In South Sudan alone, 4.9 million people - nearly half the population - urgently need food aid. See

2016 Donations/Thank You's

posted 24 Oct 2017, 05:40 by Our Lady of Fatima Church - White City London   [ updated 13 Oct 2018, 02:07 ]

The awesome news is that we collected about £5500! Thank you SO much! 

Our One World Group did an outstanding job this year managing to raise around £7k for Fr Elias and his parish in Butonga, Tanzania by selling donations at Car Boot sales on a regular basis. This was a top priority to help install a reliable water supply so that their community would never run out of water again, especially during the dry season. Well done to the One World Group - what an amazing achievement! See our article in the Easter magazine. 

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