"Come to me all you who are burdened and I will give you rest."

Our parish is part of the Diocese of Westminster and is situated in the heart of London.

It is home to a vibrant, exciting and culturally diverse community, sharing our lives and growing in faith together. Our website aims to provide a taste of our spirit and parish life and touches on all the many different groups we are very fortunate to have, all of which are centred firmly in The Good News of Christ.

Our Lady of Fatima isn't just a Church, it's also a home and a village and everybody who enters is an important element in making it fully functional, bringing the spirit of Christ to the community.

We strive to provide a loving welcome to all who pass through our doors as well as care, protection and refuge for people of all races and all ages, young and old, but nothing can substitute for coming and sharing in our worship with us.

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  • 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

    The Riches of the Poor Widow

    In today’s Gospel we can imagine the disciples, a group of “country folk” from Galilee, joining the other Passover pilgrims in the packed streets of Jerusalem. Perhaps they feel a bit overawed as they enter the magnificent Temple buildings and see all the religious leaders with their fine clothes and seats of power. But once again Jesus challenges the disciples to look beyond outward appearances and to read the inner heart, as God does. 

    Jesus teaches them a profound lesson when they enter the Treasury – the part of the Temple where pilgrims gave donations for the poor or the upkeep of the Temple. Here there were 13 great metal money chests, shaped like upside down trumpets. Pilgrims dropped their offerings through the narrow necks and then the trumpet shape of each chest produced a great resounding echo. This was long before the days of paper money and so perhaps the disciples were suitably impressed as wealthy merchants and pilgrims dropped in heavy, expensive and noisy coins. But then came a poor widow. Her two tiny coins scarcely made any noise – it was almost laughable. But Jesus tells them, “This poor widow gave more to God than all the others. They gave of their surplus. But she gave the last penny she had, all she had to live on.” She has given her all, showing her total trust in God, just as Jesus will give his life for all within just a few days. Let us all learn the lesson of the poor widow: we give little when we give of our unneeded possessions. It is when we give of ourselves that we truly give.

    This weekend is of course the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which marked the end of World War One. We think in a special way of all those who, like the widow, gave everything they had, indeed their very lives for others. The heroes of World War One were not the generals but the ordinary soldiers who showed such courage, brotherhood and self-sacrifice in the hellish carnage of the battlefield. Their voices, their letters and poems remind us of the cost and lessons of war. And remember we must - for when we forget, we repeat.

    With prayers and blessings, Fr Richard, Fr Ephrem and the parish team.

    Posted 11 Nov 2018, 07:34 by Our Lady of Fatima Church - White City London
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