"Come to me all you who are burdened and I will give you rest."

      Our parish is part of the Archdiocese of Westminster and is situated in the heart of London. 
      It is home to a vibrant, exciting and culturally diverse community, sharing our lives and 
      growing in faith together. Our website aims to provide a taste of all the many different groups 
      in our parish, all of which are centred firmly in The Good News of Christ. 

      We strive to provide a loving welcome to all who pass through our parish, but nothing can     
      substitute for coming and sharing in our worship with us.

    Today we celebrate the two “pillars” of the early Church – St Peter and St Paul, who were, in many ways, the key men in building up the early Church after Jesus had handed on his mission to the disciples. Although very different in personality and background, and although they didn’t always agree, they became great friends and each ended their life by being martyred in Rome (where we can still visit their tombs today). 

    God was able to do great things through these two men, because they both in different ways came to root their lives in Jesus Christ, to truly follow in His ways and not their own. For both men this was a painful process but once they had fully given their lives to Christ they literally set the world around them on fire with the Good News of Jesus’ Resurrection and saving love. We see in both Peter and Paul that once they were living in tune with Christ they became his powerful instruments. This is an important lesson which we can all learn from their lives. 

    Pope Francis wants us all to learn this life-changing message – that when we live in right relationship with God, then we can live in right relationship with each other and with the world around us. In “Laudato Si” – his new encyclical on the need for the human family to care for the earth - our “common home” – Pope Francis writes passionately about we have become out of tune with the natural environment around us. We have also become indifferent to the value of human life and the sufferings of the poorest members of our human family. All of this because we, as a human family, have become out of tune with God – pushing him out of our lives so that we and our selfish needs become the new centre. We need to bring God back to the centre, in prayer, the Sacraments and our daily lives. Like St Peter and St Paul we need to be fully rooted in Christ so that we can be transformed by Him and then help to transform the world around us. 

    With every blessing and prayers, Fr Richard, Fr Ephrem and all the parish team. 

    Posted 27 Jun 2015, 18:40 by marie claire
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