Discography Oliver Ingvar Wagner
11995Do Not Remove The Fix / Bike Rev (12")Black DoneLand Of Oz
21995Eastern Forest (12")Crystal VoyagerLand Of Oz
31995For Mike Bradney (12")Michelle XHouse Trash (MMS)
41995For Mike Bradney (CD, Maxi)Michelle XHouse Trash (MMS)
51995Love Is In The Air (CD, Maxi)Temple of Love4th Dimension (MMS)
61995Land Of OZ - Best Of (2xCD)Black DoneLand Of Oz
71996I'm In Love (CD, Maxi)G-TekHouse Trash (MMS)
81996Blue Box - Club Hits (Limited Edition) (4xCD + Box)G-TekFrankfurt Beat Productions (MMS)
91996Energy Rave 5 (2xCD)G-TekFrankfurt Beat Productions (MMS)
101996Final Pulse (CD, Maxi)Michelle XHouse Trash (MMS)
111996I Know (12")PitchriderSuck Me Plasma (Music Research)
121996I Know (CD, Maxi)PitchriderSuck Me Plasma (Music Research)
131996Next Step (12")BallistiqueCrystal (UCMG)
141996Symphonic Trance Vol. 2 (CD)PitchriderTBA
151996Selected Jewels Vol. 1 (CD)BallistiqueCrystal (UCMG)
161996The Freaks (12")ResonatorCrystal (UCMG)
171996Trance Nation 97 - Volume 10 (2xCD + CD)PitchriderClub Tools (Edel, Kontor)
181996Rave Power Vol. 3 (CD)Temple of LoveSnake's Music
191996Dance Rave & Techno Music (CD)Temple of LoveMusic House Joe (MHJ)
201997The Dorian Gray Compilation - After Hour (2xCD)PitchriderIntergroove
211997Boogy Like There (12")Bronx Bongo Player's, TheRespect! Records
221997Dark Groovy Beats (2xCD)BallistiqueLegoan (Nova Tekk)
231997Hell Yeah (12")PitchriderSuck Me Plasma (Music Research)
241997Hell Yeah (CD, Maxi)PitchriderSuck Me Plasma (Music Research)
251997House Elements (CD)PitchriderDiscobole Recordings
261997hr3 Clubnight Volume 1 (2xCD)PitchriderEpic (Sony, CBS)
271997I Gave The Line (12")TimetunnelSpace Traxx
281997I Gave The Line (CD, Maxi)TimetunnelSpace Traxx
291997Pop.Komm. Promotional CD Club (CD, Promo)PitchriderMusic Research
301997Red Box - Club Hits (4xCD, Ltd + Box)G-TekFrankfurt Beat Productions (MMS)
311997Technoclub (2xCD)PitchriderT.T.F. Records (Rams Horn Rec.)
321997Tom Wax Mix Trax 2 (CD)BallistiquePhuture Wax
331997Where Intelligence Meets Knowledge! (CD, Promo)PitchriderMusic Research
341997Dream Club (2xCD)PitchriderWarner Special Marketing GmbH
351998Aquarius / Children Of Africa (12")Groove FoundationZYX Music
361998Aquarius / Children Of Africa (CD, Maxi)Groove FoundationZYX Music
371998Do It Again Vol. 5 (2XCD)Groove FoundationZYX Music
381998Hip Hop Black Energy (CD)Groove FoundationMusic House Joe (MHJ)
391998Max Dance Power (CD)Groove FoundationMusic House Joe (MHJ)
401998The Rapsody Vol. 3 (Hip Hop Meets Classic) (CD)Groove FoundationMercury (UMG)
411998I Get My Hype (12")Bronx Bongo Player's, TheRespect! Records
421998One Step To Paradise (12")PitchriderFuture Recordings (Music Research)
431998Stars Of Europe - A Trip In House, Trance And Goa (CD)PitchriderHypnotic
441998Tell Me (12")SpacewalkSpace Traxx
451999Superstring (12")Akira Inc.Technogold (UMCG)
461999Outline Afterhour - The Third Compilation (2xCD)Akira Inc.Lightning Records
471999Universal Trance Volume Two (CD)Akira Inc.Colourbox (UCMG)
481999DJ Dream -1 (CD)Akira Inc.Energetic Records (Warner Music)
491999DJ Mind-X - Atlantis (CD) (Germany)Akira Inc.Energetic Records (Warner Music)
501999DJ Mind - X - Atlantis (CD) (Switzerland)Akira Inc.Energetic Records (Warner Music)
511999Children Of Africa (12")Liquid BreezeWash
521999Club Hits '99 Volume One (2xCD)Akira Inc.Time Unlimited
531999Dream Dance 2000 (2xCD)Akira Inc.Sony Music Media
541999Energy Trance Vol. 5 (CD)Akira Inc.EDM
551999Pourquoi? (12")White CardRed Bird Music
561999Euro Techno (12")White CardRed Bird Music
571999Euro Techno (CD)White CardRed Bird Music
581999Futurescope 11 (2xCD)Liquid SunTBA
591999In Trance We Trust 002 (CD)Akira Inc.In Trance We Trust (Black Hole)
601999Mindgate / Symmetry 2000 (12")Resident AliensDMD
611999Mix Unlimited PM 2 (CD)Akira Inc.Time Unlimited
621999Nature One - Waterworld 99 (CD)Akira Inc.H&G Records (UCMG)
631999Oblivion 1 (CD)Akira Inc.Guardian Angel
641999Power Of Hardtrance Vol. 3 (CD)Akira Inc.Intergroove
651999Power Of Hardtrance Vol. 3 (CD)Liquid BreezeIntergroove
661999Reactivate 14 - Larry The Lobster's Trancetastic Pot Boilers (2xCD)Akira Inc.React
671999Strings Of Harmony (CD)Akira Inc.Arcade
681999Sunnyside Up: Chapter 1 (2xCD)Akira Inc.Passion Music
691999Supersounds Of Trance #3 (CD)Akira Inc.H&G Records (UCMG)
701999The Beginning (A New Hope) (12") (Germany)Liquid SunLogic Records (BMG)
711999The Beginning (A New Hope) (CD, Promo, Car)Liquid SunLogic Records (BMG)
721999The Beginning (A New Hope) (12") (USA)Liquid SunLogic Records (US)
731999The Beginning (12")Liquid SunVale Music (Universal Music Spain)
741999The Beginning (12", Promo, W/Lbl)Liquid SunVale Music (Universal Music Spain)
751999Time X (2xCD)Liquid SunAriola (BMG)
761999Trance Unlimited: A Hypnotic Journey Through Sound (CD)Akira Inc.StreetBeat Records
771999Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 9 (2xCD)Liquid BreezeTunnel Records (Sony Music Media)
781999Modern Dance Club Hollywood - Blue Edition (CD)Akira Inc.Steady Beat Records
791999Tranceformation (2x CD)Akira Inc.Arcade
801999Import Club August 99 (CD)Akira Inc.Promo Only
811999Lo Que Más Se Baila En Las Galaxias (4xCD)Liquid SunVale Music (Universal Music Spain)
821999Nik Fish ‎– Episode 1: The Phantom DJ (CD)Liquid SunSlamm
832000Blutonium Brainstorm Vol. 1 (2xCD)HyperionBlutonium Records, DA Music
842000Box Clever 2 (12")Akira Inc.Colourbox (UCMG)
852000Deck Wizardz - Spell One By Merlyn (CD)Resident AliensBeats And Friends
862000Deep Trance Vol. 1 (2xCD)HyperionZYX Music
872000Djmixed.com/Keoki (CD)Liquid SunMoonshine Music
882000Dream Dance Vol. 16 (2xCD)HyperionDance Division (Sony Music)
892000DJ Energy - Future (CD) (Germany)Akira Inc.Energetic Records (Warner Music)
902000DJ Energy - Future (CD) (Switzerland)Akira Inc.Energetic Records (Warner Music)
912000DJ Energy - Future (Gold Edition) (CD)Akira Inc.Energetic Records (Warner Music)
922000Gary D. Presents D.Trance 3/2000 (2xCD + CD)Resident AliensDJs Present
932000It's Progressive Vol. 03 (2xCD)HyperionQuadrophon (More Music)
942000Kontor - Top Of The Clubs Volume 06 (2xCD)Resident AliensPolystar Records
952000Magic Kingdom (CD) (Germany)HyperionTime Unlimited
962000Magic Kingdom Vol. 1 (CD) (Switzerland)HyperionTBA
972000Mirage Club Traxx Chapter Two (CD)Resident AliensDMD
982000Techno Zone 2000 (2xCD)Resident AliensWarner Special Marketing GmbH
992000The Universal Mind / Ocean Of Light (12")HyperionBlutonium Records
1002000Trancemaster 2004 (2xCD)Resident AliensVision Soundcarriers
1012000Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 15 (2xCD)Resident AliensTunnel Records (Sony)
1022000Way Into The Future / Values (12")Resident AliensDMD
1032000E-Mix 03 (12")Resident AliensDMC
1042001Euro TechnoWhite CardArtists Only! Record
1052001Addicted To Trance Vol. 2 (CD)Liquid BreezeWash
1062001Clubtrance 2002 (CD)Resident AliensIMP Records (Israel)
1072001DMD Vinyl Classix (12")Resident AliensDMD
1082001Dream Dance 21 (2xCD)Liquid BreezeDance Division (Sony Music)
1092001Fire Dance / Aliens Odyssey (12")Resident AliensDMD
1102001Futurescope 18 (2xCD)Liquid BreezeTBA
1112001Members Only #12 (2xCD)Resident AliensBMG
1122001Paramount Park In The Mix Volume 1 (2xCD)Resident AliensDance Network (More Music)
1132001Pendragon: 10 Years Of Mystical Mayhem (2xCD)Resident AliensMillennium Records
1142001Rave Mission Vol. 17 (2xCD)Resident AliensGTN (Global Trance Network)
1152001State Of Mind / Oasis Of Love (12")Liquid BreezeE.Vibe (Wash)
1162001The Future Of Club Sounds Vol. 1 (2xCD)Liquid BreezePremium (More Music)
1172001Trance Traxx - Volume 07 (2xCD)Liquid BreezeSteady Beatz
1182001TranceSylvania V 1.6 (2xCD)Resident Aliens23 Frankfurt (DMD, COP)
1192001Trance Stimuli Version 2.0 (CD)HyperionNeurodisc Records
1202001Ibiza Trance Club Vol. 4 (2xCD)Liquid BreezeQuadrophon (More Music)
1212001Ibiza Trance Club Vol. 4 (2x CD)Resident AliensQuadrophon (More Music)
1222001Tarm Mix Vol. 4 (CD)Liquid BreezeDance Division (Sony Music)
1232002DJ Energy - Contact (CD)Liquid SunEnergetic Records (Warner Music)
1242002Oneness With The Universe (Original Club Mix) (12")O.S.I.R.I.S.Audioplast (Media Rec.)
1252002Oneness With The Universe (Liquid Sun Remix) (12")O.S.I.R.I.S.Audioplast (Media Rec.)
1262002Oneness With The Universe (Wippenberg - prod. by) (12")O.S.I.R.I.S.Audioplast (Media Rec.)
1272002Techno Industries Vol. 2 (2xCD)O.S.I.R.I.S.One Way Records
1282002Trance Inc. (2xCD)O.S.I.R.I.S.One Way Records
1292002Surrounded - DJ X-Calibur Non Stop Deejay Mix (CD)Liquid BreezeCity West Records
1302002The Beginning (A New Hope) - 2003 Remix (12")Liquid SunMedia Records Spain
1312002DJ Greenhead - Evolution 12 (CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.Energetic Records (Warner Music)
1322002Trance Fighter Strikes Back (CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.TBA
1332003Big Room Tunes Vol. 3 (2x CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.Nukleuz
1342003Deep Trance Vol. 4 (3x CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.ZYX Music
1352003Discoteca Queen (2x CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.Tempo Music
1362003Gary D. Presents D.Trance 2/2003 (2x CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.EDM
1372003Megaaplec Dance 2003 (3x CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.Tempo Music
1382003Techno Tempel (2x CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.ZYX Music
1392003Techno Top 100 Volume 3 (2x CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.Quadrophon (More Music)
1402003Trancemission - The Best Of European Vocal Trance (2x CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.ZYX Music
1412003DJ Tatana - Wildlife (CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.Energetic Records (Warner Music)
1422003Sommer Parade 2003 (CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.DJ Beat Records Scandinavia
1432003Gary D. Presents The Ultimate Best Of D.Trance (3xCD)Resident AliensEDM
1442003Hard NRG 4 - The Album (2xCD)Resident AliensMinistry Of Sound (Australia)
1452003Hard NRG 4 (2xCD, Promo)Resident AliensMinistry Of Sound (Australia)
1462003Hard Trance From Europe (2xCD)HyperionNeurodisc Records
1472003Oneness With The Universe (12")Liquid SunNukleuz
1482003Trance Gate (2xCD)O.S.I.R.I.S.More Music
1492003Clubfire Vol. 1 (2xCD)O.S.I.R.I.S.Premium (More Music)
1502003Blutonium Presents Hardstyle Vol. 1 (2xCD)HyperionMinistry Of Sound (Australia)
1512003Radical - Fiesta De Las Palomas 2003 (2xCD)O.S.I.R.I.S.Dreams Corporation
1522004Pure Trance 3 (CD)O.S.I.R.I.S.Water Music Dance
1532004Ultra Ultimate Trance (7xCD)HyperionMusic Street