Master of Arts Educational Technology Portfolio

This portfolio serves as the comprehensive exam for Master in Arts for Educational Technology at California State University, Northridge. The MA program prepared me to implement current educational technology and to thoughtfully and skillfully evaluate future technologies that will emerge. I completed the MA program as part of the sixth cohort.

To see more about the courses and work completed during this program see the "Program Courses" and the "Resources I Have Developed" to the left.

This portfolio consists of five artifacts that are aligned with the Student Learning Objectives (SLO) for the program and a final reflective essay. 
  • REFLECTIVE PRACTICE by critically examining their subject knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and pedagogical skills to improve their diverse students’ learning;
  • THEORETICAL UNDERSTANDING by reading, synthesizing, and evaluating educational theory and research in their field and applying research findings to their practice in diverse classroom settings;
  • RESEARCH SKILLS by designing and conducting research ethically and effectively and presenting their findings at a professional level in oral and written forms;
  • EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS by knowing current discipline-based and general educational issues and how those impact schools
  • LEADERSHIP by influencing policy and practice in educational communities through advocacy and example.
  • FINAL REFLECTION by critically examining the overall effect of the Master of Arts Program at CSUN