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Editorial Work

Editing by Alicia Ruvalcaba          

But who is Alicia Ruvalcaba?

Alicia Ruvalcaba, a mathematics teacher at PUC Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy in the city of San Fernando, is a well-educated and multi-faceted person. Unlike many intelligent minds that understand the complexities of advanced mathematics, she also understands, appreciates and can perform the emotional and aesthetic beauty of music. 
At Mount St. Mary's University in Los Angeles, California, Ms. Ruvalcaba studied mathematics and music. She then attended California State University, Northridge to receive her secondary teaching credential in fundamental mathematics. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Computers and Educational Technology. 

Teaching mathematics is not Ms. Ruvalcaba's sole endeavor, she enjoys singing, dancing, practicing yoga, and hiking with her dogs. Alicia Ruvalcaba is one balanced Renaissance woman.