About the Instructor

Verity Elizabeth Olliff                          
The Finale for 2011

What I Teach and Why

I am an educator in the field of language. In university, I focused on the study of English and the expression of language in literature, especially of the 18th and 19th centuries. For a time, I had the belief that the field of law would excite me and support me but after a few courses I realized the seclusion of the law office and the office environment was not for me. I had spent my entire life as a teacher albeit in a volunteer work so I decided to pursue that in my education and as a career. I attended and was awarded my Baclor's with Honors from California State University Northridge. Upon completion, I immediately enrolled in the intensive ACT cohort and received my Single Subject Secondary Credential for CSUN. Although I love learning, my pursuit and priority is not to accumulate degrees or advance up the proveribial ladder for self-gratification and materialistic greed. I love giving freely the true education provided to all mankind. As such a lifelong learner, I decided to learn more and have re-entered the world of education to learn more about education and technology to better help my 21st students.

As a high school English teacher, I have taught across the spectrum of grade levels, academic levels and courses. I have taught ninth graders and tenth graders that were reading below grade level, regular education and college prep for all grade levels, honors and IB courses for all grade levels, specialized courses (Creative Writing, Mexican Chicano Literature, and Writing Composition) and more recently English Language Development courses. The last two years I was assigned out of my comfort zone to teach two different levels of Drama but have come to thoroughly enjoy seeing students in the non-core academic setting. Currently, I am teaching ELD 101, ELD 101 ConversationEnglish 2H, Drama 1 and Drama 2 along with being advisor to the Drama Club, Journalism Club and the newly started recreational Card Players Club.

My Pursuits and Joys

Outside of school, I voluntarily donate over seventy hours each month to a worldwide educational program that focuses on improving individual, family, and community lives. I also enjoy experiencing the marvels of our planet and the various animals and planets surrounding us. To do fully enjoy the diversity around us, I love to travel. My travels typically include going to unknown, off-the-beaten path socio-economic poor regions. I love getting to know the people that live there and creating close family like ties. In all these travels, I have fallen in love with the art of photography and close observation. A fantastic and tasty side effect of my travels is also a love of cooking and eating. For several years, I supported myself by catering and serving at private events (weddings, retirements and other social events). My specialty for years was baking delicious deserts though I have expanded into cultural cuisine the last few years. I also have delved into the creative field of DIY jewellry. I love searching for and finding materials in my travels and then repurposing them into wearable souvenirs. 

Contact Info

Rio Mesa High School -- Room 56
545 Central Avenue
Oxnard, CA 93036
(805) 278-5500

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