Having fun with Android

posted Aug 23, 2011, 1:09 PM by Olivier Diotte
So I've been having problems with some companies I do business with (more on that someday) and need to record my phone calls. Before moving, I used to have a landline which was just perfect as I could record using my laptop's modem and audacity (I would just need to load the modem audio module which is snd-intel8x0m in my case). Well, now, sadly I no more have a landline, only my Nexus S (Android phone).

The fun with Android is, it seems, phone call recorder apps don't work (at least not with the Nexus S). So I tried recording the phone call by plugging the line out of my Nexus S in a line in port on my server. It worked to some extent but wasn't conclusive: plugging something in the line out jack shuts off the speaker (expected) meaning I couldn't hear the other party (I had to plug earphones in my server's line out port). That being said, this isn't something that bothers me so much I could use a TRS splitter with earphones.

Even with all these inconveniences (this is a temporary solution), I would have been O.K. with the solution. The deal breaker is: your own voice isn't sent down the line out port (actually, I should have thought about that since hearing yourself would cause reverberation).

Oh well, I'll just add this to my list of reasons to root my Droid.