HP 41 CX emulator for android.

Tablet edition.
  • same specs as go41cx
  • speed up to x200 on a tegra3 tablet
  • special HP 82153 A wand support
Second release
  • left or right handed (use 'look' in menu)
  • debug info or wand pad in the middle (use 'look' in menu)
  • rpn or synthetic debug (long press in debug display to switch)
  • scroll registers

First release:

  • need at least 1024x600 7" tablet, better on 1280x800 

On the left or right, HP 82143A printer

Center, 50 programmables 'barcode' keys, (plug the WAND module in config to use)
  • long press to see the menu:
    • 1 byte codes
    • 2 bytes codes
    • Non programmable codes
    • Numerical value
    • Alpha string (append)
    • Alpha character
    • XEQ 'Label
    • XROM XX,YY
    • X Functions codes
    • Time functions codes
    • Wand functions codes
    • Printer functions codes
    • Hepax functions codes
    • Load a complete Map
    • Save a complete Map
  • Maps are saved in ASCII text (.wnd files can be 'exported' to go41cxt/wand directory) and can be edited to create special barcodes : a barcode is a list of 1 to 16 bytes in hexadecimal
Right or rleft, usual HP 41 CX or CV:
  • Config on the right of LCD
  • Help on the left part of LCD

To use the 'barcode' keys, plug the Wand module (2nd from top left)
New 'Wand' config (bottom right) with Import/export/Rename and Delete menu entry.

Be careful to save your map when you modify it, otherwise, the previous one could be reloaded.

As usual, some help is integrated.

To analyse a barcode, use 'WNDTST' function and when asked, press a 'code' if you activate the printer, you will see the codes as seen by the 41.

Better to get the wand manual at www.hp41.org site of W. Furlow.

To use the 'alpha.wnd' map:
- 'config', 'wand', 'import' (to create directories)
- download the file alpha.wnd'
- copy to 'go41cxt/wands'
- 'config', 'wand', 'import' -> should say '... imported'
- back to calculator, press and maintain one barcode key, choose 'load a map'

Emulator loosely based on Non-Pareil from Eric Smith, font by Luiz C. Vieira.
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