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Sanford Blackinton was born on December 10, 1797, in Attleboro, Massachusetts. In 1801, he and his family moved to the town of Centerville which became Blackinton. Sanford Blackinton was married twice and had a total of four children. His first wife Mary Russel, whom he married in 1821, gave him three of his four children. In 1821, at the age of twenty-four, Sanford Blackinton formed a co-partnership with Rufus Wells and J.L White. Together the three built Blackinton mill. Once everything in Blackinton's life seemed to be going smoothly everything began to fall apart. His daughter, Mary, died at the age of two years old. Mary Russel, his wife, died in 1830. Blackinton's second marriage was to Eliza in 1834. Eliza gave birth to his fourth child who died at the age of six. Although Blackinton's personal life was increasingly getting worse, his mill continued to grow. In 1885, Sanford was one of the three richest men in Berkshire County. In 1875, Blackinton's last living child died at 55 of shellfish poisoning. It was at this point that the company began to break down. Sanford Blackinton died on July 27, 1885, at the age of eighty-eight. Eliza lived in the Blackinton's estate until she died in 1896. The estate was sold to A.C Houghton in this same year. Sanford Blackinton's grave  stands in the Hillside Cemetery in North Adams with his two wives, Eliza and Mary, who surround his grave stone, his sons William and Austin, and his sister Isabella


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